Most Powerful Best Acetrucks Riser Pads For 2022

Most Powerful Best Acetrucks Riser Pads For 2022

Not all riser pads are created equal. That’s why we developed the riser pad for the Acetrucks riser. If you’re looking for the best possible combination of grip, comfort, and durability, then the riser pad for the Acetrucks riser is the one for you. The riser pad for the Acetrucks riser is made with the best possible materials and has the features that you need.

The riser pad for the Acetrucks riser is made from premium leather-like materials to give it the best possible combination of grip, comfort, and durability. The riser pad for the Acetrucks riser has a thick layer of foam that creates a stable surface for you to perform your tricks on. The riser pad for the Acetrucks riser has deep, extra-wide channels that help you to perform your tricks with the utmost of comfort.

Best acetrucks riser pads : Top 10 Picks For 2022

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1. Bones Wheels Skateboard Riser Pad, 2-Pack

Features :

  • New design for 2009
  • High quality BONES Wheels product
  • Features the Rat logo
  • Set of 2. Enough for one skateboard
  • All BONES Wheels products come with a warranty

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 2.755905509
Width 2.755905509
Length 0.393700787
Weight 0.04
Release Date 2009-02-01T00:00:01Z

As a skater, you probably already know that landing wrong can be quite painful. Unfortunately, there’s no way to prevent this. But you can make the impact a bit softer by using a skateboard riser pad. The BONES 2-Pack Skateboard Riser Pad is an excellent choice because it’s so versatile. You can use it to protect your knees and ankles, but you can also use it to protect your toes.

The pads are made of polyethylene, which is both durable and shock-resistant. The bumpers are sturdy and won’t damage your truck or wheels. The only downside to this skateboard riser is the size.


Features :

  • Independent Genuine Parts Riser Set Black 1/8 Set

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 0.3
Width 2
Length 2
Weight 1.9

These risers are really easy to install and are a good all-around product. You get a nice, simple single-piece design with a positive mounting system, which makes install really straightforward. The stock height is 0. 75”, which is just about perfect for most motorsports. The only negative thing we can say about these risers is that they are not adjustable.

So if you want to adjust the height a bit, you’ll need to buy a few more sets. But the price is so good, you can afford to buy extra sets in case you need them. And in terms of value for money, these risers are exceptional.

3. INDEPENDENT Skateboard Truck PHILLIPS 1 1/4″ Hardware and 1/4″ Riser Pad

The Phillips Riser truck is one of the most common trucks when it comes to skateboarding. Why? Well, it’s one of the best all-around trucks that you’ll find. They’re incredibly solid, and they’re great for just about any situation.

What I really like about these trucks is that they’re 1 1/4”. That’s bigger than the standard size of trucks, so you’ll have a lot more clearance when landing, and you’ll be able to absorb more of the impact of your tricks.

4. KONIGEEHRE 4 Pack Bed Risers Heavy Duty Adjustable Furniture Riser Stackable Lifts Height of 1.8” or 2.85” Supports Up to 1300Lbs for Bed Desk Sofa Table and Chair with 12pcs Non-Slip Pads(Apricot)

Features :

  • 【STACKABLE DESIGN】 KYDRAGON furniture risers are easily adjustable to let you get the perfect height. It can be stacked by two height options – 1.8 inches and 2.85 inches. Allows you to raise your bed, sofa, couch, dresser, table or chair to the height that you need.
  • 【FULL AND HALF SIDES】 Full and half sides flexible design. You can use the full side when the size of your furniture foot is small. When the size of your furniture foot is large and does not fit the full side, you can choose the half side to meet more applications.
  • 【HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS】Heavy-duty bed risers are made of reinforced high-impact PP material and can hold up to 1300 lbs. Eco-friendly, non-toxic and durable to use. The bottom of the riser uses a non-slip rubber pad to prevent the foot of the bed from moving and reduce vibration, also protect the floor from scratches.
  • 【IDEAL CHOICE】 It can be used to raise almost any furniture such as desk, chair, sofa, caster furniture and bed. Ideal for increasing extra height/storage space under the bed and furniture. You can also use it to raise up washing machines, clothes dryers and other large appliances.
  •  【BUY WITH CONFIDENCE】Thank you very much for your great support. Product quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. If you’re not completely satisfied with anything you get from us, contact us and we’ll make it right.

Additional Info :

Color Apricot

There’s a wide range of products for your different needs, including the 4 pack bed risers heavy duty adjustable furniture riser stackable lifts height of 1. 8” or 2. 85” supports up to 1300lbs for bed desk sofa table and chair with 12pcs non-slip pads(apricot)that’s a bestseller. It has a standard size of 5. 75”, weighs 34. 5lbs and is suitable for most beds.

The bed risers are made of steel with a wide base and a sturdy carabiner. They increase the height of the bed by 1. 8” or 2. 85”.

5. PARRIS CLASSIC QUALITY TOYS EST. 1936 Paris Riser Pads for Longboard Skateboards (1/4″, Set of 2)

Features :

  • PERFECT FIT — Designed to fit flawlessly with Paris Trucks.
  • STRONG & DURABLE — The hard dense material provides the lift without the squish.
  • SET OF TWO RISERS — Enough to set up a complete board, this pack comes with 2 risers.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 0.12

The first product on our list is the Riser Classic quality. Made of top-quality nylon, this set of riser pads is very durable and provides a smooth glide. The product comes with a set of 2 pads. The dimensions are 4” x 5”. The thickness is 0. 25 inches. The Riser Classic quality is well balanced and provides a smooth glide. It also comes with a set of 2 pads.

The dimensions are 4” x 5”. The thickness is 0. 25 inches. The product comes with a set of 2 pads. The dimensions are 4” x 5”. The thickness is 0. 25 inches.

6. Utopia Bedding Pack of 8 Furniture and Bed Risers – Durable Plastic and Anti Slip Foam & Rubber Pad – 2 Inch Stackable Square Risers for Sofa, Bed, Table, and Chair Lifts (Black)

Features :

  • The set includes 8 anti-slip foam pads for the top and 8 anti-slip rubber pads for the bottom of the risers
  • Each of the 8 risers provides an elevation of up to 2 inches and is able to lift 10,000 lbs altogether
  • Bed risers are constructed using the highest quality plastic which makes it capable of holding up the heaviest of weights. Solid construction & Patent pending design.
  • These risers provide storage space by elevating the bed with stackable option and anti-slip padding which ensures safety
  • These risers can be used for multiple lifting purposes with the likes of raising furniture, desks, sofas, beds, etc; It provides storage space while protecting your furniture and floor

Additional Info :

Color Black

Unlike the leading foam bed risers, the utopia furniture and bed risers do not have separate non-slip pads. This makes them easier to use and they are also more versatile. As a result, you can use them on any hard surface or silicone-based pads to prevent slipping. You can also use them with your sofa, bed, table, or chair lift. Just stack them together or use the individual risers.

The stackable design means they are a bit heavier than the basic foam bed risers. However, they are well-made and offer excellent support. They are made of durable plastic and anti-slip foam & rubber pads.

7. Independent Risers 1/4″ Black Hard Plastic Skateboard Riser Pads (Set of 2)

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 0.11875

Independent Riser has excellent quality, strength, and durability. They are manufactured with a high-quality ABS plastic that does not yellow over time, ensuring the pads maintain their original color. They are also reasonably priced, making them a good value for money. The 1/4-inch thick pads are easy to install and do not require any glue. You can simply screw them on to your board using the provided included screws.

The product comes with two sets of pads, so you can choose a size that matches the width of your base. What we like about it
What we don’t like about it Independent Riser is a very good value product. It has a strong and sturdy construction and durability.

8. Sector 9 Regular Risers (Single Set), Black, 1/2-Inch – Packaging may vary

Features :

  • Recycled plastic
  • Standard and old school truck mounts

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 0.4
Width 2
Length 2
Weight 0.11875
Release Date 2012-10-31T00:00:01Z

From the image but the product is the same- the single set is a good all-around choice for most people looking for a reasonably-priced risers that offer a good amount of flexibility. The regular risers by Sector 9 are made from 1/2-inch thick (by thickness, not by diameter) steel, and each has an aluminum swivel base that allows you to adjust the angle of the risers relative to the playing surface just by twisting the base.

9. VJ Longboard Skateboard Riser Pads 12mm (1/2″) Black w/Skateboard Screws Hardware BK 1.5″ (12mm Riser w 1.5inch Screws)

Features :

  • The package includs: 1set (2pcs) skateboard riser pads w/ 1set (8pcs) skateboard hardware/screws
  • The riser pad / screws set fits longboard and skateboard with many variety options.
  • Riser pads: soft rubber material, Dimesions: 7.7cm x 5.5cm, thickness: 12mm

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 0.6
Width 4
Length 6

A great choice for those looking to add a little extra stability to their board, the vj longboard skateboard riser pads 12mm (1/2″) black w/skateboard screws hardware bk 1. 5″ (12mm riser w 1. 5inch screws) are an easy way to ensure your bigger trucks can hold their own on the longboard.

They’re made from rubber, meaning they’re grippy on the bottom of the deck and won’t damage the deck when installed, and they’re also durable enough to last when used with trucks.

10. Outus 10 Pieces 3 mm Skateboard Riser Shock Pads Longboard Rise Pads Skateboard Shock Pads Soft Longboard Shockpads

Features :

  • Packaging includes: you will receive 10 skateboard riser shock pads to meet your long-term needs, enough quantity for sharing and replacement
  • Powerful effect: these skateboard riser shock pads can reduce the impact force caused by falling and impact, extend the service life of the skateboard, also can avoid the contact between the wheel and the skateboard when modifying the large wheels
  • Reliable materials: our longboard rise pads are made of quality PU with good cushioning properties, helping to absorb most of the impact; Make your movement more steady and prevent the sole from rubbing repeatedly
  • Appropriate size: soft longboard shockpads are 78 mm/ 3.1 inch in length, 56 mm/ 2.2 inch in width, and 3 mm/ 0.12 inch in thickness, suitable for most skateboards
  • Flexible use: you can stack the number when using according to your height requirements; These black rectangle skateboard rise pads are packed in a box, which is light and small, convenient for you to store and carry

The outus 3 mm skateboard riser shock pads are super thin and easy to carry. It comes with a nice storage case that makes it easy to carry. This case is a nice addition to the product. This riser shock pad is very comfortable to use. It absorbs shock very well. This makes it a great choice for skateboarders who are looking for a shock pad that is super comfortable to use.

The outus 3 mm skateboard riser shock pad is very thin. This makes it easy to carry around as a riser pad. It is also very easy to install as well. The outus 3 mm skateboard riser shock pad comes with a nice case.

Things To Consider Before Buying A acetrucks riser pads

When you’re looking for new riser pads for your frame, it’s important that you understand how they work and what they’re designed to do. The riser pad is attached to your bars and sits above your stem, on top of your bars.

It’s used to protect your bars and stem from scrapes and bumps, as well as to increase bar height to improve aerodynamics and comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • for roller skates.
    The answer is that Risers pads fit roller skates which have NO rubber wheels or which have wheels that are too small or too thick. Risers pads are made with a specially formulated polyurethane rubber compound that is thicker than the standard roller skate wheel. They are designed to protect the skate’s wheel from damage and to increase the speed and stability of the skater.

    8. Should I buy skates with a liner or without?

    It is a common question, but actually, the choice is very simple. Skates with a liner are safer and more versatile. While you can play without them, you will not be able to skate on rough surfaces and you risk injury when you fall.

    If you decide on a liner, the fit is critical because it should be snug enough not to slip off, but loose enough to avoid pressure points. Skates without any kind of liner are more versatile.

  • As a?

    Reliableandcommittedcompany,Wearewilling to providetop-qualityserviceandproducts,whichwillmeetall your needs and demands. Weareknownforprovidinguniqueanduniqueproducts,whicharecreatedwithhighqualitymaterials.


If you’re still not sure which riser pad is right for you, or you want some recommendations, leave a comment and we’ll get right back to you!

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