Our 10 Best Asphalt Driveway Sealer Reviews In 2023

Our 10 Best Asphalt Driveway Sealer Reviews In 2023

A driveway is one of the most important parts of a home. It’s the one place where visitors are greeted and family members depart. It’s where children play and where cars are parked and maintained. A driveway can make or break the curb appeal of a home. To protect and preserve that investment, homeowners need to perform regular maintenance on the driveway. Applying a driveway sealer is one of the most important maintenance tasks.

It helps protect the asphalt from UV rays, water, and pollutants that can lead to premature aging and cracking. It also allows easy cleaning and helps make a driveway more winter-friendly with better ice and snow traction. In this guide, we’ll learn about the different types of driveway sealers and see why Pavement Marker & Sealer is our top pick. We’ve spent hundreds of hours researching and reviewing some of the most commonly used driveway sealers on the market today.

Our Top 10 Best asphalt driveway sealer On The Market

Not all driveway sealers are created equal. There are different types of sealers, and each has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Among the more popular options is an asphalt driveway sealer, which is known for being affordable, easy to apply, and long-lasting.

Asphalt driveway sealers can be used as a maintenance product to keep your driveway looking shiny and brand-new. They are also effective at restoring faded and cracked driveways.

1. Dap 27065 Blacktop Asphalt Filler and Sealant 10.1-Ounce, Pack of 3

Features :

  • Dap Blacktop Asphalt VOC-Compliant Filler & Sealer is an easy-to-use product for the repair of masonry and bituminous paving cracks or any other place where paving faults require a durable elastic seal
  • Repairs are ready for traffic 24 hours following application, when directions are properly followed
  • Ideal for filling cracks in driveways, highways, runways, parking lots, tennis courts, basketball courts, playgrounds and other asphalt surfaces

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 11.25
Width 1.9
Length 1.9
Weight 3.1085178942

Dap 27065 Blacktop is a high-quality, all-purpose asphalt filler and sealant, ideal for patching holes, cracks, and holes in the walls, driveways, patios, and porches. The product is made of a waterproof material that is resistant to cracking and peeling. It also has anti-mildew properties, which prevent mold and mildew from developing in the treated area. To use, simply mix the product with water in a 1:1 ratio and apply it to the damaged area.

Once it dries, you can immediately start using it. It resists stains and can be used on different types of surfaces, including wood, concrete, and drywall.

2. Sikaflex-410 Asphalt Sealant, Black, self-Leveling Hybrid sealant for Filling Cracks, for Private Asphalt driveways, roadways, Pavement, 9 fl.oz. Cartridge

Features :

  • Bonds asphalt to concrete joints. Easy self-leveling application!
  • PERFORMANCE: Able to fill cracks up to 1.5 in. wide. Self-leveling consistency. Fast skin time in less than 1 hour.
  • SUPPORTS: Excellent adhesion, bonds to asphalt and concrete.
  • DURABILITY: Resists aging and weathering. Permenantly elastic and high durability.
  • USES: Can be used on asphalt driveways, asphalt roadways, asphalt pavements, asphalt to concrete joints, aprons.

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 1.88
Width 1.88
Length 11.25

Sikaflex-410 is a self-leveling, black, hybrid, one-component sealant for filling cracks on asphalt driveways, roadways, and other pavement surfaces. It is supplied in 9 fl. oz. cartridges, and Sikaflex recommends that you use their applicator gun with this product.

The Sikaflex-410 sealant will expand to fill the crack and will also level itself out, filling the crack to a depth of around ¼”. Sikaflex-410 can also be used in joints and cracks on concrete, stone, and pavers.

3. Liquid Rubber Driveway Restore Sealant – Highly Flexible Asphalt Coating Fills Cracks and Revitalize, Easy to Use and Apply, 5 Gallon

Features :

  • RESTORE DRIVEWAY SEALER – Revitalizing your aging, weathered asphalt driveway, giving it a refreshed new finish, and protect the longevity of your driveway
  • FLEXIBLE HEAVY-DUTY COATING – Liquid Rubber Driveway Restore waterproof and durable sealant designed to withstand weathering and deterioration
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Liquid Rubber Driveway Restore Sealer is water based and non-toxic, containing no solvents and low VOC’s. High quality products that are safe for you and the environment
  • EASY TO APPLY – Paint on the application using a conventional brush, roller equipment, or foam squeegee; Apply heavy coats to build up your waterproof membrane
  • COVERAGE – Application for Asphalt surface only; Apply a minimum final thickness of 1 gallon per 50 sq ft. It should require 2-3 coats to build up the protective waterproofing membrane

Additional Info :

Color Black

Bucket, water-based and solvent-free, high flexibility and durability, 100% recyclable, breathable, keeps water out and keeps water in, protect asphalt, ideal for driveways, patios, garage floors and more. Liquid Rubber is a high performance, 100% solids, water-based liquid rubber coating designed to be applied to asphalt surfaces. It is designed to create a flexible, breathable, waterproof and durable layer on the surface.

The liquid rubber begins to transform into a rubbery solid within minutes of application and fully cures in as little as 24 hours. Liquid Rubber is specifically formulated to be applied over asphalt surfaces, including driveways, patios, garage floors, etc.

4. Red Devil 0637 Acrylic Asphalt Crack Filler Sealant, 1 Pack, Black

Features :

  • Colored & textured like Ashphalt : Provides an excellent color and texture match to asphalt surfaces
  • Forms a watertight seal : Use to fill cracks for a durable repair
  • Stays flexible : Resists cracking and is weatherproof
  • Adheres to damp surfaces : Can be used in wet conditions

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 11.25
Width 2
Length 2
Weight 0.1

This one is a top-quality product. It is easy to use and dries in just 30 minutes. It is also durable, waterproof, and can be used for both interior and exterior cracks. It is ideal for cracks up to 1/4-inch wide. It can be used for brick, block, concrete, stucco, stone, and other masonry surfaces, as well as wood, metal, and vinyl.

It is also available in 12 different colors, including red, black, white, and brown. You can choose the color that best matches the surface you will be using it on. It is environmentally safe, non-toxic, and odor-free.

5. DAP 27065 Blacktop Asphalt Low Voc Slnt Raw Building Materia, 10.1 oz, Black

Features :

  • New low-solvent formulation asphalt-based filler/sealant is an easy-to-use, ready-mixed product for the quick and easy repair of cracks in Asphalt surfaces
  • Perfect for playground, driveways, pavement, and parking lots
  • Provides a durable, elastic seal with excellent adhesion
  • Package dimensions: 2.0″ L x 2.0″ W x 12.0″ H

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 12
Width 2
Length 2
Weight 1

This black topcoat sealer is made for use with low-voc, silica-based spray paints. It has a low VOC content and is safe for use in well-ventilated areas. It dries to a durable, matte finish that resists scuffing and abrasion. The sealer is compatible with many popular brands of low-voc, silica-based spray paints, including Rust-Oleum, Kilz, and more.

It can be used on a variety of surfaces, including wood, concrete, and masonry. While this spray paint sealer provides a durable, matte finish on its own, it works best as a topcoat over glossy black spray paint.

6. GoldStar Asphalt Sealer. Just Pour and Spread. Seal Streets, Driveways and Blacktop. 5GL Bucket

Features :

  • Quick and Easy to use! Just pour and spread. Make Blacktop look New!
  • Perfect for Quick Asphalt Maintenance.
  • Performs in all Climates.
  • Great for Schools and other Blacktop Surfaces.
  • Covers roughly 200-250 sq. ft.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 48
Width 38
Length 48
Weight 55

Covers 100 sq ft. The Goldstar Asphalt Sealer is a driveway sealer that you can use to seal asphalt, concrete, and blacktop. It’s easy to use, just apply it with a paintbrush or a roller, and then just spread it evenly across the surface. Once you’re done spreading it, leave it for about 20 to 30 minutes, and then you can walk on it and drive on it.

This driveway sealer can last for up to 2 years, and it can handle temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit (-29 degrees Celsius). Many people who bought and tried the Goldstar Asphalt Sealer were happy with how well it worked.

7. 100 Feet Asphalt Joint and Crack Sealer Asphalt Crack Filler Asphalt Patch Driveway Crack Filler Bitumen Tape Asphalt Joint Repair Tape for Parking Lot Roof Asphalt Cement Road (2 Inch)

Features :

  • You Will Get: there are 2 rolls of asphalt crack tapes, each roll is 50 feet in length, 2 inch in width, enough length can meet your using needs
  • Reliable Material: the asphalt repair patch is made of quality asphalt material, which is safe and reliable, waterproof and sunscreen, not easy to fray or fracture, high temperature resistant, not easy to melt, with high tensile strength, can be bent at will, serving you for a long time
  • To Use: the asphalt tape is convenient to use, just clean up the crack, peel off the backing film, then paste the tape on the crack that need to be repaired, and press down firmly; Its softness helps to fit most types of bending cracks, can fully fill the crack to achieve the ideal effect
  • Self Adhesive: the asphalt filler sealer adopts self adhesive design, can be directly pasted, no need of heating device, saving your time and energy, and features nice adhesion, not easy to fall after pasting
  • Widely Applicable: the blacktop crack filler is suitable to repair the cracks of expressway, ordinary highway, urban sidewalk, road, etc., fitting for cement and asphalt pavement

Additional Info :

Color Black

As the name says, this tape is used to seal the joints and cracks in asphalt. It is waterproof and can be re-applied many times. The tape is self-adhesive and is easy to apply. It is also tear resistant and is resistant to extreme temperatures. It does not degrade, rot or rust and is versatile enough to be used for different applications.

This tape is suitable for sealing cracks in asphalt driveways, parking lots, and roads. As it is waterproof, it can also be used to seal joints in outdoor concrete surfaces. It is resistant to oil and chemicals, so is also ideal for sealing joints around oil tanks and other outdoor areas with high levels of pollution.

8. Henry Company HE130074. Blacktop Driveway Asphalt Coating

Features :

  • Stirs and applies easily
  • Composition – Petroleum Asphalt, Water and Clays/Fillers
  • This driveway asphalt coating is ideal for use as sealcoat on blacktop pavements such as home driveways

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 1.417
Release Date 2017-03-12T00:00:01Z

Henry Company’s Blacktop Driveway is a great asphalt coating for your driveway. The coating cures quickly and is resistant to cracks, peeling, and UV rays. It sticks to asphalt surfaces, concrete, and even brick. One of the best things about this coating is that it can be applied in any weather, and it dries in about an hour.

It’s also easy to apply and comes with step-by-step instructions for first-time users. It comes in a 12-ounce bottle, and one coat should be enough to cover 15 square feet. Customers who have used this coating were happy with the instructions.

9. 2 Rolls 100 Feet Asphalt Tape Joint Crack Sealer Filler Waterproof Tarmac Self Adhesive 2.5 mm Thick Black Concrete Crack Filler Driveway Sealer for Cement Road Path Joint Repair, 1.2 Inch and 2 Inch

Features :

  • Nice Size Combination: the package comes with 2 rolls of asphalt crack tapes in 2 sizes, about 1.2 inches x 50 ft and 2 inches x 50 ft, and the thickness is about 2.5 mm/ 0.1 inches, the different sizes are suitable for repairing the ground crack of various widths
  • Reliable to Use: the asphalt repair patch is mainly made of asphalt, and features a thick adhesive layer and UV resistant backing, stable and sticky, suitable for road bases and can limit the development of crack widths
  • Corrosion and Water Resistance: the asphalt tape has good corrosion resistance, can be isolated from air and water, and it also features nice flexibility and can be attached to flat, curved and most types of cracks
  • Easy to Apply: the asphalt filler sealer adopts self adhesive design, which is easy for you to apply; Clean the area to be filled, remove the protective film and stick the tape directly to the crack, then use the compacting equipment to fix the tape or heat the tape to make it fit tightly, wait for a minute, and you can drive on the road again
  • Wide Application: this concrete joint filler can be applied on various occasions, such as concrete roads, rooftops, piping, rubber and plastic surfaces and so on, bringing your life much convenience; The construction temperature should be at 68 degrees Fahrenheit / 20 degrees Celsius, the suitable temperature is 77 degrees Fahrenheit/ 25 degrees Celsius-86 degrees Fahrenheit/ 30 degrees Celsius

WideThis tape is incredibly strong, and it will adhere to surfaces that are quite dirty. It’s extremely waterproof, so it won’t wash away in the rain. It’s also easy to apply, and it dries in as little as 20 minutes. If you’re looking for a tape specifically for asphalt, this is a good option.

It’s resistant to oils, gasoline, and many other substances that regularly threaten asphalt. It’s also widely available, so you can find it at most home improvement stores. While this tape is strong, it’s not a good option for deep cracks.

10. Asphalt Crack Repair Tape Driveway Sealer Filler Joint Repair Tape Patch Crack Filler Parking Lot Self Adhesive Bitumen Tape for Road Parking Lot Roof, No Heating Need 2 Inch x 32.8 ft 2.5 mm Thick

Features :

  • Self Adhesive Asphalt Crack Tape: the asphalt crack filler adopts self adhesive design that it can be applied directly, no heating equipment needed, easy and effective
  • Good Stickiness: the asphalt repair patch features good viscosity, which fits more tightly into the road, waterproof and sunproof, suitable for most kinds of road cracks, not easy to melt
  • Simple to Use: the asphalt patch filler is simple to apply, just clean up the cracks, peel off the film on the flat surface of one end of the crack repair tape, stick the tape on the cracks that need to be repaired, and compress it, and its softness helps to adapt to most kinds of bending cracks
  • Quality and Reliable to Use: the asphalt crack tape is made of quality material, which is reliable and safe to use, not easy to fray or break, suitable for road surface with different altitude and temperature
  • Applicable Occasions: the adhesive joint tape is designed for repairing cracks in expressway, ordinary highway, city pavement and road, etc., suitable for road surface made of cement and asphalt

Asphalt tape for road repair, waterproof and anti-aging, anti-corrosion, anti-cracking
After you applied the asphalt crack repair tape, it will become as one with the asphalt, it looks like the asphalt, no need to paint, waterproof, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, anti-cracking, widely used in asphalt road surface repair and construction, such as road, bridge, parking lot,etc. High quality sealing tape for asphalt road surface repair and construction, it is waterproof and anti-aging, not easy to break, anti-corrosion, anti-cracking, widely used in highway,expressway,parking lot,etc.

asphalt driveway sealer You Should Consider

Before you seal your driveway, it’s important to understand what sealers are made of and what their main functions are. Sealers protect your driveway from the elements, but they also enhance its look and add value to your home.

Types and Composition
There are two main types of driveway sealers: elastomeric and acrylic. Elastomeric sealers are made from synthetic rubbers, while acrylic sealers are made from acrylic resins. Each type has its own set of benefits.

For example, elastomeric sealers are more long-lasting and resistant to extreme weather conditions, while acrylic sealers are easier to apply and less damaging to the surrounding environment.

The function of a driveway sealer is to protect it from damage caused by weather, such as cracks, pitting, and chipping.

The elements can also cause discoloration and a loss of gloss over time, which is why a driveway sealer also protects it from that kind of damage.

The best driveway sealer will protect the surface it’s applied to for at least 3 to 5 years.

The Product Application Process
The way a driveway sealer is applied will vary from one product to another.

Some sealers are applied using a spray gun, while others are applied with a paintbrush or rollers. It’s important to follow the application instructions listed on the product’s packaging, to ensure you apply it properly.

If you’re inexperienced with driveway sealers, it’s best to hire a professional to apply it for you, since improper application can ruin the look and durability of your driveway sealer.

Weather Resistance
The best driveway sealer will protect its surface from extreme weather conditions, such as heat, cold, rain, and snow.

It’s very important that your driveway sealer is able to withstand these weather conditions, because if it isn’t, your driveway will be prone to damage from the elements.

Since driveway sealers protect their surfaces from damage caused by extreme weather conditions, they usually last for at least 3 to 5 years.

The colorfastness of a driveway sealer refers to its ability to retain the original color it was applied with.

Most driveway sealers are actually resistant to color change, thanks to their acrylic composition. But if you want to be sure, you can always look for a driveway sealer that has

People Also Ask (FAQs)

  • What is the best product to seal an asphalt driveway?

  • What do professional contractors use to seal an asphalt driveway?

  • Is there a driveway sealer that is permanent?

    The answer to this question is yes and no. There are driveway sealers on the market that will stick and last for a number of years. However, they may not be as permanent as you would like them to be.

    Some driveway sealers tend to break down over time and need to be replaced. It is always a good idea to research the different brands and types of sealer before purchasing any for your driveway.

  • What is the best driveway sealer to use?

  • How do I permanently seal my asphalt driveway?

    If you seal your driveway, you will never have to seal it again.


As you can see from this guide, there are a number of different driveway sealers to choose from, each with their own unique qualities. For a driveway sealer that will last a long time and look great, go with the DAP 1091 Asphalt Driveway Sealer. It’s easy to apply and has great reviews from users.

On the other hand, if you’re on a budget, the 3D Parking Solutions Blacktop Sealer is a great choice. It’s easy to apply, and you can get the job done for a fraction of the cost of other driveway sealers.

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