Top 10 Picks Best B12 Vape Pen For 2023

Top 10 Picks Best B12 Vape Pen For 2023

B12, also known as cobalamin, is a nutrient that plays an important role in maintaining healthy nerve and red blood cells. It’s also essential for the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, helping to maintain healthy DNA and prevent neural tube defects during pregnancy. B12 deficiency is relatively common, especially among vegetarians and vegans. It can cause loss of memory, depression, confusion, and mental decline. If left untreated, it can contribute to irreversible nerve damage.

Fortunately, it’s easy to get enough B12 through a healthy diet and supplements. B12 vape pens are also an excellent way to get a quick boost of this essential nutrient. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best B12 vape pen options on the market today.

10 Best b12 vape pen Reviews in 2023

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that helps your body maintain healthy nerve cells and produce DNA efficiently. It’s also crucial for healthy blood, skin, and hair and boosts energy levels. According to the National Institutes of Health, most people can get the vitamin from their regular diet.

However, some people, such as vegans and vegetarians, may not get enough B12 from their diet alone. In these cases, a B12 vitamin supplement can help.

1. SUPRUS Lighter Electric Lighter Candle Lighter USB Type C Rechargeable Lighter with Upgraded LED Battery Display Safety Switch Flameless Plasma Windproof for Candle Cooking BBQs Fireworks

Features :

  • 【TREBLE SAFETY DESIGN】 – Our lighter had passed CE, RoHS, UL test. Adopt the updated version of bonnet, which gives you treble protection, you have to push the safety lock switch first, then press the ignition switch to work. For the safety of consumer, the igniting spark will auto stop beyond 7 seconds per igniting. Restart the switch, the igniting spark will be re-ignited.
  • 【PORTABLE & CONVENIENT 】Wind & Splash Proof Design prevents the electric pulse produced from being blown out by strong wind, The lightweight design makes the lighter easy to carry and ideal for camping, BBQ ,hiking ,indoor and outdoor activitiess.
  • 【BATTERY NOTIFICATION】This is the upgraded SUPRUS arc lighter which can display real time battery volume. When 4 LED lights on the barrel turn on, it is full charged.
  • 【BUTANE FREE】No more harmful butane. SUPRUS uses plasma tech to eliminate the need for this harmful chemical.During the ignition, there will be noise of “ zee,zee”, which is high-voltage power generation, please use with relax.
  • 【WHAT YOU GET】SUPRUS rechargeable lighter, USB type C charging cable, a gift box, a user manual and 24h friendly services.

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 0.5905511805
Width 0.5905511805
Length 6.8897637725

The SupPuRuSu rechargeable lighter is a great option for those who prefer an electric lighter over a butane one. It has a nice, sleek design and is available in three colors – black, silver, and rose gold. The lighter works with a rechargeable battery that is fully charged within 2 hours. Charging is done through the micro USB port. The LED indicator shows the battery level of the lighter.

A full charge provides up to 300 times of lighting. The lighter uses plasma technology for a windproof and safe lighting. The flame is adjustable with the help of a wheel located at the bottom of the lighter. It can also be used as a candle lighter.

2. HealthVape The HV B12 Combo Pack – Energy, Boost and Vital with Vitamin B12 and Caffeine with Natural Citrus, Mint, Lime and Berry Flavors

Features :

  • ⚡ Improved Energy – Increase energy naturally with caffeine and vitamin B12. Known for its ability to help convert carbohydrates into glucose, B12 may lead to energy production, boosted metabolism and improved health.
  • 🌱 All Natural – Non habit forming. Vegan-friendly and made with natural ingredients.
  • ✔️ Fast Absorption – This unique, disposable inhaler allows you to enjoy energizing ingredients in a whole new way. Where ingesting takes time for the body to absorb, inhaling may enable quicker absorption for faster results.
  • 💯 Satisfaction Guarantee – Improve your health and relax your body and mind. Your purchase is backed by our 30-Day Guarantee – If you are not fully satisfied for any reason we will issue a full refund.

Additional Info :

This HealthVape energy shot is an all-in-one vaping solution that is designed to boost energy, vitality, and focus while also cleansing and purifying the body. These energy shots are designed to be vaped with a compatible vape mod and have a 70%VG and 30%PG base. The energy shot comes in a pack of four bottles, with each bottle containing 3. 5 milligrams of vitamin B12 and 40 milligrams of caffeine from natural sources such as guarana, green tea, and peppermint.

These ingredients are mixed with natural flavors such as citrus, berry, and mint. You can also get this energy shot in a pack of eight bottles.

3. CAPNOS® Zero | The Flavored Pressurized Air Inhaler for Oral Fixation Relief | Behavioral Aid for Quit Vaping and Quit Smoking Support | No Smoke, No Nicotine, No Charge | Mint Starter Pack

Features :

  • USE IT ANYWHERE ✈️ The Zero can be used anywhere, endorsed by quit therapists, physicians, professionals, and the everyday person.
  • HIT, POP, SMILE 😄 The Zero is a flavored, pressurized air inhaler. It’s stupid simple.
  • ZERO SMOKE, ZERO NICOTINE, ZERO CHARGE ✅ all that comes out is flavored air!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED 🤲 Our mission is to prevent lung disease and save lives. We are committed to making improvements and actively listening to your feedback. Unsatisfied? Contact us and we will make it up to you! Quitting is all in the mindset – with the right tools, you can succeed. We’ll be here to support you. Join our social community @mycapnos!

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 4
Width 1
Length 0.37

This is a great product that will help you wean yourself off of your vapes, e-cigs, and e-juices. It is a great product for those who want to wean themselves off of their nicotine habits. This inhaler is pressurized and convenient. It is also flavored and easy to use. It is also easy to refill and clean.

This one is great for those who don’t want to switch to e-cigarettes and want a quick, easy, and tasty fix. This one is great if you want to quit vaping, e-cigarettes, and e-juices. It is also perfect for those who want to quit smoking and tobacco.

4. HEABAL Herbal Cigarettes – Nicotine Free & Tobacco Free 20/Pack (Ice Menthol)

Features :

  • Tobacco free and nicotine free
  • Extracted from pure natural tea
  • Quit Smoking Solution / Cigarette Alternative that helps to quit
  • Reconstitute herbal sheet technology to provide enjoyable smoking experience
  • 1 pack – 20 sticks

Additional Info :

These are the best e-cigarettes for those looking for a more traditional cigarette-like experience. They have a cigarette-like appearance, feel and draw. They even come in a box that’s designed to look like a pack of real cigarettes. These e-cigarettes come in a variety of flavors including regular, menthol and ice.

They are also available in multiple nicotine levels including 0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. The e-liquid is atomized and heated by a small battery attached to the end of the e-cigarette. This process creates a vapor that can be inhaled and exhaled just like smoke from a regular cigarette.

5. Can-i Boost | Focus + Energy Fast-Acting Oral Spray | 240 Sprays (30 Servings) | Caffeine | Vitamin B12 | Vitamin B6 | Study Supplement | Exercise Booster B12 Gummy

Features :

  • ⚡Boost Your ENERGY B12 and FOCUS with Just a Few Sprays of Can-i Boost. When You Need a Little “Pick-Me-Up” to Stay Focused for Work or School or to Increase Your Stamina, Pre-Game or Pre-Workout. This All-New Oral Spray Does the Job in Minutes. Perfect for the Mornings Just Before Work, the Common “Afternoon Slumber”, Just Before Exercising, or Anytime You Need a Little “Boost” of Energy and Focus.
  • ⚡FLEXIBLE DOSAGE: Easy to Control your Dosage Depending on how much Support you need! Our Oral Spray form allows Better Dosage Adjustment than Gummies; No more Cutting Pills, Gummies or Wasting Beverages
  • ⚡Demonstrated Track Record of Fast Sales and High Turnover. Compact with Less “Shelf-Space” Needed and Great for Countertop Display. Colorful, Eye-Catching Packaging. Affordable to Ship and Store. 730-Day Stable Shelf Life. Environmentally Friendly with Recyclable Packaging. Easy for Customers to “Impulsively” Purchase.
  • ⚡Convenient Energy & Focus Spray is Perfect on the Bedside table or in Travel Bag; The PERFECT BOOST to Re-energize & Re-focus; Get back to your 100% self; No more Mixing Beverages or Waiting for Gummies to Kick In; No getting Out of Bed for the Bathroom after Beverage
  • ⚡Our Oral Spray is a Natural Remedy; Vegan, Free of Gluten, Sugar, Dairy and GMOs. Its Compact Size Allows for Easy Mobility and to Spray on the GO at Your Convenience. Manufactured in USA Inside of a FDA-Registered Facility, and Tested for Purity and Quality by a Third-Party Lab.

Additional Info :

Color Red

Vitamins are an essential part of a balanced diet for children, especially for growing bodies, but not all supplements are made the same. Can-i boost? is an all-natural energy booster and cognitive enhancement dietary supplement formulated with a unique combination of premium ingredients including vitamin b12, vitamin b6, caffeine, and guarana. Can-i boost? is the only energy supplement on the market today that combines vitamin b12, vitamin b6, and caffeine with guarana in one product.

vitamin b12 is essential for energy production and metabolism, as well as for maintaining a healthy nervous system and brain function.

6. Natranal Calm Nasal Inhaler – 100% Natural & Organic Ingredients, Aromatherapy Inhaler Stick Extreme Calming, Helps Relaxation and Meditation (Sweet Woody Aroma) 1PK…

Features :

  • ✅ PROMOTES CALM AND WELLBEING: Our premium dual chamber calm nasal inhaler is the perfect way to soothe and calm your mind and body when you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious. Designed to support your mind and body. Whether you’re dealing with a busy schedule, tough deadlines, or just need a moment to relax and unwind, our premium calm inhaler has got you covered.
  • ✅ PURE, NATURAL AND ORGANIC: Made with a powerful and delicious blend of 100% natural organic essential oils, our premium inhaler is specially formulated to help reduce energy, promote relaxation, reduce feelings of worry and restlessness, and promote a sense of relaxation and well-being.
  • ✅ HOW TO USE THE CALM INHALER: Simply take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale slowly to experience the calming benefits of this sweet and tasty aromatherapy.
  • ✅ UNLIKE ANY OTHER INHALER: Unique dual chamber design allows you to experience the benefits of two different blends of essential oils at once! The hypoallergenic flexible silicone soft tip is gentle on the nose and comfortable to use at home or on the go
  • ✅ PERFECT GIFT FOR YOU OR LOVED ONE: The sleek and stylish calm aromatherapy inhaler makes it a perfect health and wellness and calming gift for yourself, a loved one or even a special coworker.
  • ✅ ANXIETY RELIEF FOR MEN AND WOMEN: The beautiful ergonomic design along with our delightful blend of essential oils make this a safe and effective way to breathe in the benefits of aromatherapy for both men and women who appreciate an experiencing a personal diffuser with essential oils.
  • ✅ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We stand behind the quality of our products and are committed to your satisfaction If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we offer a money-back guarantee Simply contact our customer service team and we will work with you to resolve any issues and make sure you are happy with your purchase

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 6
Width 3
Length 0.5

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to help reduce stress, boost the immune system, and improve our overall well-being. The Natranal Calm Nasal Inhaler is an easy way to enjoy all of the benefits of aromatherapy, without the need for candles or diffusers. This easy-to-use nasal inhaler is made with 100% natural and organic essential oils that are blended to promote relaxation and stress relief.

Simply take a deep breath through your nose, and enjoy the aroma of the sweet woody scent that helps promote a sense of relaxation and calm. The inhaler is compact and convenient, allowing you to use it almost anywhere.

7. INSYOHO Quit Smoking Wooden Vapour-Less Inhaler with 4 Nicotine-Free Flavored Core, Healthy Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser to Help Naturally Stop Smoking,Oral Fixation Relief,Calm Anxiety

Features :

  • STOP SMOKING & QUIT VAPING – A tobacco-free non-electronic inhaler to quit smoking and vaping. Combines the benefits of natural botanical and behavioral science to distract smokers in a natural way. No Smoke, No Vape, & No Nicotine, create a healthy lifestyle.
  • 100% NATURAL PLANT ESSENTIAL OIL CORES – Each plant has been carefully selected for its beneficial properties known to science and its relationship to addiction. Every drop of essential oil is plant-derived, with no additives, no chemicals, and 100% natural scent that allows your olfactory system to transmit beneficial properties directly to your brain to help reduce cravings.
  • ORAL FIXATION RELIEF, CALM STRESS & ANXIETY – Replace the habit of smoking with a healthy habit. Does not utilize electronics or heat, is just simple aromatherapy. Comes with everything you need to support your quitting journey: 1 pc of Aromatherapy Inhaler made of natural wood, 5 packs of cores (4 kinds of Flavored Core, 1 pack of empty core, you can customize your health with the essential oils you like, and more).
  • A FUN, NON-EMBARRASSING WAY TO GIFT QUIT SOMKING  – it’s an ideal tool to quit smoking, regardless of whether they successfully quit or not. With a tasty core flavor and unique design, it can help with many problems including; quitting smoking or vaping, anxiety and stress, breathing problems, improving concentration, and more. A perfect gift lets someone know that his health is your primary concern.
  • LOVE IT OR YOUR MONEY BACK – Order your essential oil inhalers today with peace of mind, knowing that they are backed by a risk-free money back guarantee of complete satisfaction! With nothing to lose, place your order today and start breathing freely!

Additional Info :

Color Classic Thuja

, relieve stress, promote sound sleep, energize, and relieve sore throatThis product is a Zyohoh quit smoking wooden vapor-less inhaler and a healthy essential oil aromatherapy diffuser. This product is made of wood, and the essential oil diffuser is made of silicone. It is portable and easy to carry around. The quit smoking inhaler is effective in helping reduce oral fixation and relieving stress, anxiety, and promoting sound sleep.

The essential oil diffuser is for the aromatherapy. It can help with relieving sore throat, promoting overall health, and reducing negative effects of secondhand smoke.

8. Garden of Life B12 Vitamin – mykind Organic Whole Food B-12 for Metabolism and Energy, Raspberry, 2oz Liquid

Features :

  • ENERGY SUPPLEMENT: One spray daily delivers 500 Microgram (8333percentage DV) vegan vitamin b12 as methylcobalamin to support energy, metabolism, and heart health
  • VITAMIN B 12: Essential to protect the body against anemia and support a healthy central nervous system, b12 vitamin helps maintain healthy nerve cells and red blood cells and is also needed to make DNA, the genetic material in all cells
  • CONCENTRATION SUPPLEMENT: This whole food b 12 concentration spray are made from real, nutritious foods
  • LIQUID VITAMIN: Our organic liquid vitamin b 12 comes in delicious, mouth watering raspberry spray
  • ORGANIC VITAMIN: Our real food b 12 vitamin is Certified USDA Organic, Non GMO Verified, Vegan Certified, Gluten Free Certified, and Kosher Made

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1.563
Width 1.563
Length 4.969
Weight 0.14
Release Date 2014-05-06T00:00:01Z

Mykind Organic B-12 supports energy production, metabolism and healthy nerve function. This B-12 supplement is organic, non-GMO and gluten-free. It contains probiotics and prebiotics, as well as more than a dozen superfoods, including organic fulvic and humic minerals. These help the body absorb and use this B-12 supplement.

The B-12 supplement is available in several flavors, including berry. It comes in a small bottle with a flip-top cap for convenient use. It’s designed to dissolve quickly under the tongue or in water and is suitable for children and adults.

9. Nature’s Bounty Vitamin B12, Supports Energy Metabolism, Tablets, 1000mcg, 200 Ct

Features :

  • SUPPORTS CELLULAR ENERGY HEALTH (1): Nature’s Bounty B-12 vitamins aid in the conversion of food into cellular energy (1)
  • CARDIOVASCULAR SUPPORT (1): Vitamin B-12 is a commonly used vitamin taken to support the health of the cardiovascular and circulatory systems (1)
  • HELPS MAINTAIN HEALTHY NERVES (1): B-12 plays an important role in maintaining healthy nerve cells (1)
  • EASY TO SWALLOW COATED TABLETS: Nature’s Bounty B-12 tablets are coated, making them easier to swallow
  • FROM THE TRUSTED WELLNESS EXPERTS: Nature’s Bounty Vitamin B-12 tablets are a product of nearly 50 years of dedication to quality, consistency, and scientific research to make vitamins and nutritional supplements of unrivaled excellence

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 4.17
Width 1.98
Length 1.98
Weight 0.28
Release Date 2014-01-07T00:00:01Z

Nature’s Bounty Vitamin B12 is a high-quality supplement that can be taken to support energy metabolism. These tablets are easy to take and dissolve quickly. They are also easy to swallow, as they are small and smooth. This product is suitable for vegetarians, as it is made without any animal-derived ingredients, including gelatin. It is also gluten-free and sugar-free.

These sublingual tablets are water soluble and easy to digest, allowing your body to absorb the nutrients quickly. Customers who bought Nature’s Bounty Vitamin B12 found that it helped them feel less fatigued and had more energy. It also helped them to reduce their risk of developing a cold or flu.

10. GIT GUD® Gaming Vapor Inhaler | Energy + Focus Amplifier for Esports Athlete Gamer | Stimulating Aromatherapy Scent | Portable Pre Workout Performance Disposable | WinnerMint (4 Pack)

Features :

  • FEEL THE POWER OF PEPPERMINT – For decades, professional athletes have used peppermint as a secret weapon to accomplish their goals, and now you can too. Our proprietary blend of energy inhalers are formulated with a potent blend of peppermint and other natural ingredients to help you feel alert, focused, and invigorated. Experience a refreshing minty blast that will take your experience to the next level.
  • ENERGY MANAGEMENT – Keep your energy up all day long with stimulating energy inhalers. Whether you’re trying to focus on a project, hit that deadline, dancing until sunrise at a music festival or just need a little pick-me-up, inhale greatness with portable performance power.
  • FOCUS – Sometimes all you need is a little boost to focus on the task at hand. Supports concentration and mental focus with a proprietary blend of natural ingredients. An excellent solution for gamers who have difficulty focusing on their game or for those who want to kick their skills up a notch.
  • ALERTNESS – Provides a temporary boost of energy during late night gaming sessions, long days at the office, or during an intense workout. The staple of esports professionals everywhere, energy inhalers are the perfect gaming companion for long hours of work and play. Keeps you alert and aware so you can get more dubs.
  • REACTION – A natural and effective alternative-energy solution to increase reaction time and improve coordination between your eyes and hands. Add one to your gamer stack and say goodbye to embarrassing deaths.

Additional Info :

Color Winter Mint
Item Dimensions
Height 0.7
Width 4.5
Length 7.25

Git Gud is a premium quality gaming inhaler that will give you that extra boost you need to play and win. This product promises a boost in energy, focus, and concentration. It also has a nice and refreshing minty smell that will keep you energized. This product has been described as one of the best gaming inhalers out there.

It has a unique blend of natural essential oils and herbs, which makes it effective but also safe and healthy. It is a portable pre workout that you can easily bring and use whenever you need to. It also has a nice design that will surely turn heads when you bring this around in public.

All You Need to Know About Buying b12 vape pen

Before you buy a b12 vape pen, it’s important to know exactly what you’re looking for. There are several different types of vape pens, and they’re all a bit different.

As you look into the various b12 vape pens available, you’ll want to consider the following:

The first thing you’ll want to consider when looking for a b12 vape pen is the size. There are several different types, and they’re all a bit different.

If you’re looking for a vape pen that you can carry with you, then you’ll likely want to consider an E-cig type. E-cig vape pens are small and easy to carry around. Plus, they look just like a traditional cigarette, so you don’t have to worry about drawing attention or curious questions from others.

E-cig vape pens are also easy to use. Simply take a drag as you would a traditional cigarette, and you’re good to go.

E-cig vape pens don’t hold as much b12 as other types of vape pens. They’re also not rechargeable, so you’ll need to keep buying new cartridges as you go.

If you’re looking for a vape pen that you can carry with you, then an E-cig type is a great option.

If you’d rather have a larger vape pen, then you might want to consider a tank system. Tank system vape pens are larger and a bit more complex to use.

They allow you to fill a tank with a liquid that contains b12. You then heat up the tank using the vape pen, and the b12 is absorbed into the vapor as you inhale.

Tank system vape pens are rechargeable, so they have longer battery life. They also hold more b12, so you don’t have to worry about recharging quite as often.

If you’d like a slightly larger vape pen that allows you to carry around more b12, then a tank system is a great choice.

If you’re looking for a large, rechargeable vape pen that you can use for a long time, then a box type is probably the best choice. Box system vape pens are larger and more complex than the other types.

They have a rechargeable battery and a chamber that contains the b12. You then heat up the vape pen and inhale the vapor as it’s released.

These vape pens are

FAQ Questions and Answers

  • Are B12 vape pens effective?

    It is important to note that B12 vape pens are not FDA approved. The consensus is that B12 vaping is safer than B12 injection, but less effective. Why are B12 vape pens less effective than injections B12 vape pens seem to be less effective than injections because the B12 is not absorbed sublingually.

    The B12 in B12 vape pens is not absorbed sublingually, even though it is in a liquid form.

  • Which B12 vitamin is best for vaping?

    There’s some controversy around this question. Some people say that sublingual B12 vitamins are much better absorbed than oral B12 vitamins. Others say that the sublingual version is just a gimmick.

    I’ve tried both versions, and personally, I didn’t notice a huge difference between the two. It’s worth noting that I’m not a heavy smoker, so I don’t go through a lot of B12.

  • Are B12 vape pens legal?

  • What is the best vape pen for 2021?

    1. Vape pens are gaining popularity as the preferred method of vaping because they are discreet, portable, and affordable. 2. Compared to a box mod, vape pens have far fewer parts and are therefore much easier to use. 3.

    There are different types of vape pens, each with its own pros and cons. 4. Therefore if you’re looking for the best vape pen, then there are some things you should consider. 5.

  • Are B12 e-liquid vape pens effective?

    The short answer is yes, but like with anything else, you have to do your research. Just like a regular vape pen, you should do your research to make sure you are getting a quality product. If you have any questions, you should reach out to the company directly.

    If they cannot answer your questions, it is probably time to move on.


You can find several brands of B-12 vitamin supplements, all of which are suitable for use with a vaping pen, but it’s important to check the label to verify that it contains a suitable form of the vitamin and that it’s free of additives that could interfere with the absorption process. When choosing a supplement, you’ll want to consider how it’s going to be administered, how much you’ll need on a regular basis, and for how long you’ll need to take it.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a B-12 deficiency, speak with your doctor about the best way to supplement your diet.

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