Top 10 Best Beal Prusik Cords In 2022

Top 10 Best Beal Prusik Cords In 2022

A prusik cord is an essential piece of equipment for any multi-pitch route. But they’re such an indestructible part of the climbing gear, it’s hard to justify buying a separate cord for each route. The Beal Prusik Cord is a great option for this, as it’s affordable, lightweight, and made from durable, stretchy material. The best thing about buying this cord is that it comes in a range of lengths to match any rope you may already have.

The cord is available in 50m, 100m, and 150m lengths. We’ve reviewed the 150m model here, which is the perfect length for most routes. You can also buy the cords in 50m lengths if you’re only using them on a few routes.

Our Recommended 10 Best beal prusik cords in 2022

Beal prusik cords are a great way to get around on hard terrain. They are lightweight, compact, and can be attached to almost anything. If you’re planning on using these cords in the backcountry, you’ll want to make sure you have the right information to know when you’re purchasing.

With that in mind, we’ve taken the time to compile a comprehensive guide to help you figure out what you need to know.

1. Beal Volcano Arimid Prusik Accessory Cord One Size

Features :

  • Short lengths of rope with sewn terminations for constructing self-locking (prusik) loops
  • 50% Aramid construction intermixed with polyester filaments

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 10
Width 10
Length 10
Weight 1

Beal’s Volcano Arimid Prusik Accessory Cord is a fantastic cord for prusiking. It is made of abrasion-resistant nylon, which makes it perfect for rope climbing. Although it can be used for other activities, it is designed for prusiking. This cord, made of nylon, is very durable and abrasion-resistant.

It is also very strong and won’t break easily even if you use it for prusiking to scale large walls. And the best part is that it is a single length, meaning that you can use it for making loops or tying knots.

2. Sterling 6mm Auto Block Cord – 13.5″

Features :

  • MBS Rating (lbs): 2,810
  • MBS Rating (kN): 12.5

Additional Info :

Color Original Version
Item Dimensions
Height 0.59
Width 2.72
Length 4.41
Weight 0.02

This cord is a bit cheaper than some of the other options on the market but it offers a decent balance between quality and affordability. The cord is made of 14k gold wire, meaning it offers a smooth, consistent feel when performing tricks and also helps you control your swing to get the most out of your shot. The cord is 13. 5″ in length which is a good starting point for most intermediate players.

It’s also suitable for use with most table tennis machines and is an easy choice when shopping for a cord. However, these cords aren’t cheap so it may be worth investing in a more durable option if you’re going to be using your cord a lot.

3. GM CLIMBING 6.8mm Endless Prusik Loop 15-inch 100% Technora 25kN Heat Resistant Friction Hitch Cord Hollow Braid for Rappel Abseil Backup, Adjustable Anchor Set-up, Rescue Rigging Hammocks (One Unit)

Features :

  • GM CLIMBING 6.8mm Endless Prusik Loop, 15″ length, 25kN /5600Lbs, made of 100% Technora for increased durability and performance, 16-strands hollow braid offering power grip to main ropes, used to tie friction hitches, including prusik knot, autoblock, Klemheist knot in mountaineering, climbing, canyoneering, caving, rope rescue, tree care by arborist, rigging aerial hammock, lifting, and more.
  • Heat Resistant Friction Hitch Loop made of 100% Technora, aramid yarn produced by Teijin (other aramid yarn trade names like Twaron, Kevlar by different manufacturers) that offers high resistance to heat damage up to 923°F/500°C, just the right gear to backup rappelling below/above belay device where massive heat is generated due to fast and severe frictions.
  • 25kN High Breaking Strength allows the endless loop to expand its areas to both professional and general uses. Characterized by high resistance to abrasion, excellent fatigue tolerance, and art-of-state machinery stitching sewn part well protected by heat shrink sleeve, the loop gains unbeatable durability and a much longer service life.
  • Easy to tie, dress and untie many simple but versatile hitch knots (Prusik, Autoblock, Klemheist, etc), and offering excellent grip by its hollow braid construction that allows for firm bite onto main ropes (compatible with 5/16″~7/16″ ropes) that it wraps around.
  • One of the most versatile gears added to your rack, compact and light, easy for carrying, convenient for a wide variety of uses, from ascending ropes, rappel or abseil backup, making tandem prusik belay in rescue, adjustable anchor set-up, to general recreational sports and activities, like rigging aerial yoga silk, hanging tarps and hammocks.

Additional Info :

Color Yellow

This cord is designed for the serious rock climber or alpinist. It’s extremely strong and durable, but also incredibly soft and pliable, which makes it a perfect option for helping you ascend or descend a mountain face. This product comes with a 15-inch loop, which is plenty of cord to get the job done. Made of technora, the cord is super soft but very durable.

It won’t fray, won’t break, and won’t get stuck in cracks. At the same time, the cord is ultra-strong.

4. GM CLIMBING 8mm (5/16″) Prusik Loop Pre-Sewn 18 inches

Features :

  • GM CLIMBING 18” 8mm pre-sewn prusik loop is made of double braid 8mm polyester rope which features excellent abrasion-resistance, high strength and long lasting performance.
  • Supple in handling, flexible and easy to tie knots. Simple While Powerful! You could find it an amazing gear in 100 outdoor applications.
  • With heat shrink tube over solidly sewn stitching part, the prusik loop is safer and better than prusik cord with knots.
  • High Abrasion Resistance! Double braid, braided core with braided cover, well elaborated rope construction to make the cord super firm, and this “sturdy sheath” gives it great abrasion resistance which guarantees long-life utilization.
  • High resistance to moisture, low stretch and high strength! All is due to its all high tenacity polyester material. One more advantage adds to its excellent outdoor environment adaption.

Additional Info :

Color Black-18 inch | One Unit

If you’re looking for the best all-around prusik, the gm climbing 8mm (5/16”) prusik loop pre-sewn 18 inches is a great choice. This rope is a great all-rounder, but it’s not the strongest option on the market. If you want to upgrade to the strongest prusik, check out our number one pick.

However, the gm climbing 5/16” prusik loop pre-sewn 18 inches is a top-quality option and a great choice for beginners and kids. The nylon material is super durable, and the rope itself is very easy to install.

5. JCHL 8mm Prusik Cord Pre-Sewn 18in Prusik Loop Sewn Loop for Climbing Arborist Rescue Mountaineering Rope

Features :

  • our JCHL Straps Made of premium quality and highly Polymer material
  • Strength: 4500lb
  • JCHL Team strive to provide you highest quality products and best service.

Additional Info :

Color Orange
Item Dimensions
Length 18

If you haven’t heard of prusik cord, it’s basically what you would expect – a cord that has been tied into knots to create a loop. It’s been around for decades, and the reason it’s so popular is because it’s so easy to use. The cord is pre-sewn with 3 loops, so you won’t have to tie knots yourself, meaning you can use it right out of the packet.

You can also cut the cord to size if you want to make a shorter loop, or leave the cord un-cut if you want a longer loop so you can tie it off at a higher point if you want to.

6. Beal Jammy Prusik One Color, 60cm

Features :

  • Material: [core] aramid, [sheath] nylon
  • Recommended Use: sport climbing, trad climbing
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years

Additional Info :

Color One Color
Item Dimensions
Height 2
Width 6
Length 7
Weight 1.10231131

The first jammy prusik we will review is the beal jammy prusik one color, 60cm. This is a jammy prusik with a one-piece design, so it is one piece, not two parts. It is made of cotton, which makes it very durable. The cotton is also very stretchy.

It is quite easy to use. You just attach the loop portion to the rope or cord then you get to pull on the cord to get a tight loop of cord to pull. This can be used to help you ascend or descend the wall.

7. G-CODE Modular Pouch (Small) OD Green with MOLLE Mount: 100% Made in USA

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 2
Width 3.5
Length 5

, you won’t find a cheaper modular option out there. This g-code pouches are made with high-quality nylon, and they have molle loops on the back, so you can easily attach it to any molle-compatible gear or vest. The front pocket is large enough to store your phone, keys, wallet, or a few magazines. It also comes with a belt loop, so you don’t have to use your own if you don’t want to.

The only downside to this pouch is how narrow it is – it won’t hold a thick wallet or thick magazine. But for most everyday purposes, it’s more than enough.

8. Wild Country Ropeman 1 Ascender – Orange,One Size

Features :

  • STRONG: Hot forged side plates, alloy cam, high strength stainless steel axel, stainless steel cable leash
  • USEFUL: Hunting tree stand, climbing, caving, self rescue, prussiking, pulleys, mouflage, blocks
  • SMALL AND LIGHT: At 21g or 2.1oz it is easy to add to any gear rack without sacrificing a lot of weight
  • FLAT CAM: The flat cam makes it easy to release even under light loads as well as helping extend rope life
  • Wild Country

Additional Info :

Color Orange
Item Dimensions
Height 2
Width 2
Length 3
Weight 0.1763698096

If you want a product that can help you reach higher, then the Ropeman Ascender is a great option for you. Not only is it great for helping you climb higher, but it’s also very safe. The product has a low center of gravity, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off or going wrong. All you have to do is clip it to your harness, and then climb up.

Once you’ve reached the desired height, pull the rope, and the ascender will release your hands. Another thing I like about this product is that it can be used by kids and adults, as it’s very easy to use.

9. KUFA 1/4″ Diameter x 100′ Leaded Rope/(11″ Float)/Harness/Clipper/Bait Bag Combo Red/White

Features :

  • Package weight : 1.156 kilograms
  • Package dimensions : 5.207 L x 15.798 W x 21.209 H (centimeters)
  • Country of Orgin: China

Additional Info :

Color Red/White
Item Dimensions
Weight 1

The kufa rope is made from quality materials and has a 3mm diameter which should be suitable for most uses. Several sizes are available, as well as red and white options with 11” floats for when you need to clip a float to your line. You also get a 100’ leaded rope and a harness/clipper/bait bag combo.

This is a very reasonably priced option and is a great option for those who are looking to get their feet wet in the world of fishing line and floats.

10. Climbing Technology RollnLock Pulley, Orange, One Size

Features :

  • For Use With Ropes End 892 / End 1891 Ø 8 ÷ 13 Mm
  • Spring Operated Cam For Use As A Rope Ascender
  • Sliding Lock For Use As A Pulley
  • It Allows The Hauling Of Light Loads
  • Exceptional Use With Webbing 10÷16 Mm, For Positioning Adjustment

Additional Info :

Color Orange
Item Dimensions
Height 3.25
Width 0.5
Length 1
Weight 0.1763698096
Release Date 2019-03-01T00:00:01Z

Climbing technology is the best when it comes to sports gear and rollnlock is one of the most renowned names in the industry. I can’t think of a better option than this pulley to make your training a bit easier. If you are a beginner and want to get your feet on the ground, this is the right option for you. It’s made from durable nylon, meaning it’s long-lasting and won’t break easily.

It comes with a six-foot rope, although longer options are available. What I love about this pulley is that it allows you to train the way you want.

A Guide to Choosing the Right beal prusik cords

Beal prusik cords. It’s good to have the best prusik cords for your climbing and your safety. The best are lightweight, durable and have good quality threads. In this guide, we’ll show you the top 5 best beal prusik cords to help you find the right product for your needs. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about prusik cords so you can make an informed decision. Features to consider when choosing a beal prusik cord
Beal prusik cords. Before you head out to the store and buy the beal prusik cord you want, here are some features you should consider to ensure you get the best product for your money:

Prusik cords are normally made out of nylon or polyester. These materials are lightweight and strong. They’re also waterproof and can be used in colder weather. Both nylon and polyester are also UV-resistant, which means the colors won’t fade over time. Threads
The threading on a prusik cord is important because it’ll determine how tight or how loose the cord can be. For example, if you’re climbing indoors, you may not need a super-tight cord.

On the other hand, if you’re climbing outdoors, you may need a cord that’s super-tight to prevent the rope from slipping. To find the right threading for your needs, check out our buyer’s guide below. Length
The length of the prusik cord will determine how long the rappel device will be. The longer the cord, the more rope you’ll need to carry. In most cases, the length you’ll need will depend on your personal preferences. Keep in mind that if you have a long cord, you’ll need more rope to rappel. However, if you have a short cord, you might end up not having enough rope to rappel. Weight
Prusik cords can be made out of nylon or polyester. Nylon is lighter than polyester, which is why most cord options are made out of this lightweight material. However, nylon is more fragile and not as durable as polyester.

FAQ Questions and Answers

  • The Big Plastic Prusik Cord is a great ‘all-rounder’. It is hard wearing and durable enough for most applications, but soft enough to be gentle on your gear. It’s a great piece of kit and we highly recommend it.

    Does the Big Plastic Prusik Cord come with either a carabiner or sling?

    No, the Big Plastic Prusik Cord is supplied as a single rope, which is 50m in length. I’m a climber, do I need a prusik cord We recommend the Big Plastic Prusik Cord for most applications, however if you regularly use prusik knots for tying off, it is worth considering the more expensive Tyrolean Prusik Cord.

  • It does not. You will need to purchase these separately if you wish to use the cord with either a carabiner or sling.?


You’ve reached the end of our buyer’s guide!

We hope you found the best prusik cord for your specific needs. If you’re still unsure what to buy, leave a comment below and we’ll get right back to you.


Have a great climbing trip!

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