Top 10 Picks Best Chrysin Aromatase Inhibitor For 2023

Top 10 Picks Best Chrysin Aromatase Inhibitor For 2023

Chrysin is a flavonoid found in numerous plants. It is believed to be an effective inhibitor of the enzyme aromatase, which helps produce estrogen in the body. As such, it is believed to help lower estrogen levels and reduce the symptoms of estrogen dominance. In this article, we will review the efficacy, safety, and side effects of chrysin. We will also look into whether chrysin is effective in boosting testosterone levels. Towards the end, we will give our verdict on whether chrysin is worth using or not.

Continue reading to learn more. Let’s begin with a brief overview of chrysin. What is Chrysin?

Chrysin is a type of flavonoid that is found in several plants. It belongs to the group of phytochemicals known as flavonoids. Flavonoids are plant pigments that are responsible for giving plants their distinct colors.

10 Best chrysin aromatase inhibitor Reviews in 2023

Chrysin is a natural flavone found in several plants and fruits. It is believed to have several biological activities that make it useful as an anti-inflammatory and an estrogenic compound [1].

Chrysin is chemically known as 5,7-dihydroxyflavone and is a polyphenolic compound found in several plants and fruits, such as the Passiflora caerulea and the Cimicifuga racemosa [2].

1. Chrysin Plus DIM Aromatase Inhibitor Cream for Men & Women – Anti Estrogen Cream – Estrogen Blocker Hormone Support

Features :

  • Aromatase Inhibitor Cream for Men & Women – Chrysin with DIM is a natural anti estrogen supplement with ingredients that help reduce excess estrogen in your body and helps promotes healthy hormone balance.
  • As an aromatase inhibitor, Chrysin helps fight the swelling of breasts, a condition caused by a hormone imbalance in older men and teenage boys. Chrysin with DIM blocks too much estrogen that causes breast tissue to grow.
  • Aromatase Inhibitor for Men – Both Chrysin and DIM work as aromatase inhibitors. They inhibit the aromatase enzyme from converting testosterone into estrogen in a man’s body. Slowing down this conversion will free up some testosterone, balance estrogen levels, and keep your hormone levels at normal healthy levels.
  • Natural Estrogen Blocker for Men and Women – Our Chrysin plus DIM aromatase inhibitor cream will help your body process your hormones correctly. Instead of having your hormones converted into higher levels of estrogen, the anti estrogen ingredients promote a healthier hormone balance.
  • PLEASE NOTE – The ingredients in Chrysin Plus Dim will separate in warm temperatures. All you need to do is shake the jar or stir the cream to mix it back up. Refrigerate the cream to prevent separation.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 4
Width 3.5
Length 3.5

This cream by BioDerma offers the benefits of a good moisturizer and an aromatase inhibitor in one product. It’s suitable for both men and women, and suitable for all skin types. It contains chrysin, an anti-estrogenic compound with aromatase-inhibiting activity.

The cream also contains Vitamin E, which has anti-oxidant properties and helps to prevent signs of premature skin aging. BioDerma’s Chrysin Plus is a water-based, silky smooth, anti-aging and anti-acne face cream with a pleasant scent, which does not cause any skin irritations or allergies.

2. Chrysin Cream 50mg for Men – Natural Aromatase Inhibitor – Anti Estrogen Blocker Supplement – Support Hormone Balance – 90 Day Supply, USA Made, Pharmacist Formulated (1 Bottle)

Features :

  • ELITE ESTROGEN BLOCKER FOR MEN: BHRT Naturals Chrysin 50 Cream is the first scientifically-formulated, all-natural estrogen reducing topical supplement for men. Featuring research-supported ingredients such as Saw Palmetto, Ginseng, Maca Root, & Horny Goat Weed.
  • BUILD MUSCLE AND INCREASE STRENGTH: Optimize your natural potential for maximum muscle building & fat loss. Chrysin 50 Cream works as a muscle builder by promoting muscle fullness during your training and reduce muscle catabolism.
  • ENERGY AND VITALITY: Chrysin 50 Cream helps boost your overall energy levels so you can power through your day, workout sessions, & life with a sense of vitality you’ve never felt before. Feel an improvement in overall confidence, a boost in drive, a reduction of stress, and a relentless alpha drive.
  • Approximately 90 pumps per bottle
  • Made in the USA – No Parabens, No Soy, No GMO, and Fragrance-Free!

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 5
Width 2
Length 2

This product is a top-quality natural supplement which contains chrysin. Chrysin is a natural aromatase inhibitor which helps reduce the conversion of testosterone into estrogen. It also has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. The recommended daily dosage is 2 capsules, 3 times per day. The supplement is suitable for men over the age of 18.

It is manufactured in the USA, in an FDA-registered facility. The product is covered by a 90-day money back guarantee. The active ingredients are chrysin, vitamin E and d-alpha tocopherol (vitamin E). It also contains hypromellose, stearic acid and purified water.

3. Estrogen Blocker for Men & Hormone Balance for Women- E-Block- Natural PCT Aromatase Inhibitor Anti Estrogen Acne Support Formula Post Cycle Therapy Supplement Plus DIM, Calcium-d-glucarate, Chrysin

Features :

  • HORMONE IMBALANCE SUPPORT FOR MEN & WOMEN! All Natural Potent Estrogen Blocker & Aromatase Inhibitor.
  • CYSTIC ACNE THAT JUST WON’T GO AWAY? Attack The Source Of The Issue By Ridding Away Excess Estrogen.
  • FIGHT GYNECOMASTIA NATURALLY! Help Restore Hormone Balance & Decrease Excessive Estrogen Effects
  • MOOD & CONFIDENCE BOOST- Customers Notice a More Positive Attitude and Improved Well Being.
  • MANUFACTURED IN THE U.S.A.- All Natural Highest Quality Ingredients At Safe & Effective Dosage. 

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 4
Width 3
Length 3

And beta-sitosterolA non-hormonal way to regulate hormonal acne is with an aromatase inhibitor, which blocks the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. This will help reduce the amount of estrogen in your body, which should help to reduce the size and severity of your hormonal acne. One of the best aromatase inhibitors available comes from EvolutionSation.

Their E-Block formula contains several ingredients that help to block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, which has been proven to help reduce the size and severity of man boobs and other androgen-related issues like back acne, facial acne and upper body fat.

4. Pure Science AE-3 Chrysin with DIM & Stinging Nettle Root Extract and BioPerine – Natural Aromatase Inhibitor & Estrogen Blocker for Men – 30 Capsules

Features :

  • ONLY PREMIUM QUALITY INGREDIENTS USED: With the motto “Rooted in Science, Backed by Research,” Pure Science Supplements focuses on producing the safest products for our customers to achieve greater vitality in mind and body by using quality-based raw materials obtained through rigorous research.
  • CONTAINS BIOPERINE TO MAXIMIZE ABSORPTION: The only Chrysin supplement product in Amazon with BioPerine. The proper absorption of Chrysin and Stinging Nettle Root Extract is vital to enjoy the fullest benefits of this supplement. This is where Pure Science AE-3 comes ahead of the competition. AE-3 is the only Chrysin supplement available in the market that contains BioPerine, which increases absorption of several nutrients including coenzyme Q10, selenium, curcumin, vitamin B6 and Vitamin C.
  • Promotes Men’s Health: AE-3 is packed with a premium blend of DIM, Chrysin, and Stinging Nettle Root that increases energy and maintain prostate health, vital for optimal living.
  • MANUFACTURED AND PACKED IN THE USA: Pure Science Supplements products are produced and packed in a certified facility located in the USA, and proudly boast of the “Made in the USA” label.
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: As we are confident of the efficacy of AE-3, all purchases are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee should you be unsatisfied. Our products are potent for 2 years from manufacture date.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 0.0625

Pure Science A. E. 3. is a great product for men as it provides a high concentration of chrysin and stinging nettle root extract, which help to reduce the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. For those that want to learn more about this product before purchasing, I have written a comprehensive review below. I have thoroughly researched the ingredients, side effects, dosage, and customer service quality.

Then I condensed all of the information into the following review. Ingredients
Estrogen is a hormone that is essential for men as well as women. Symptoms of an overabundance of estrogen in men include increased fat around the waist, high cholesterol, low libido, and lethargy. Pure Science A.

5. Estrogen Blocker – All Natural DIM Cream – Metabolize Excess Estrogen – Diindolylmethane Hormone Balance Support Topical DIM Supplement for Men Or Women – 3oz

Features :

  • BALANCE YOUR HORMONES NOW Female Hormone Balance Menopause Relief… Are you experiencing unusual weight gain (or bloating), lumps or cysts, hair loss or heavy cycles? If so you are likely experiencing symptoms of Estrogen Dominance, and need help now.
  • POST CYCLE THERAPY (PCT) Estrogen Blocker For Men… Help Fight Gynecomastia & Cystic Acne! Support your post andro and T Replacement cycle with the strongest estrogen blocking product on the market!
  • MOST EFFECTIVE Doctor Recommend Formula With Diindolylmethane (DIM) Chrysin Progesterone Vitamin D To Support Metabolizing Excess Estrogen
  • HELP REDUCE The Appearance of Excess Estrogen-related Belly Fat and Cellulite.
  • GREAT VALUE You Get Professional Relief For Less Plus Amazing 365 Day Return Policy. Most men & women see results in 7 days or less but results may vary. However, rest assured with our 365 day results guarantee, no questions asked return policy!

Additional Info :

Color Off White

This cream is all natural and safe. It’s made with the metabolite of broccoli. It has been proven to reduce the levels of the hormone that causes excess estrogen in men. In one study, the metabolite reduced the level by 36% in only 3 weeks. It is safe to use by men or women. Men will see a reduction in acne, and women will see a reduction in unwanted hair and other signs of excess estrogen.

This is a topical solution and is only effective in the area applied. It will not reduce the levels of estrogen throughout the body. It will only reduce the levels of the hormone in the area applied. It will not help with weight gain or water retention.

6. Naturally Complete Chrysin Cream | For Men and Women 2 oz. Jar | Non-GMO | Unscented | Soy-Free | Made In The USA

Features :

  • Aids in relief from Menopause and Andropause complaints.
  • Of particular interest to the bodybuilder is chrysin’s ability to act as an inhibitor of aromatase enzyme activity.
  • Helps to build Lean Muscle Mass | Combats mood swings
  • Helps to increase energy and stamina.
  • Soy-Free – Fragrance Free – Non-Greasy

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 0.125

This cream contains Chrysin, which helps to balance hormones and regulate testosterone levels. It also has many other benefits, such as reducing inflammation, improving the appearance of scars and stretch marks, and helping to eliminate wrinkles. This product is safe to use and has many benefits. It is made in the USA and it is free of harmful chemicals. It is also vegan and gluten-free.

This product can be used by both men and women. It is oil-free and unscented, which makes it suitable for sensitive skin. It is also suitable for acne prone skin. The only downside to this product is that the results are not permanent and will only last as long as you use the product.

7. Chrysin 500mg | 60 Capsules | Passion Flower Extract | Non-GMO, Gluten Free Supplement | by Horbaach

Features :

  • CHRYSIN: A unique flavonoid compound naturally occurring in plants like passionflower
  • POTENT FORMULA: Delivers 500 mg of Chrysin along with Passion Flower in each quick-release capsule
  • PROFESSIONALLY CRAFTED: Our supplements use advanced sourcing to ensure purity and potency always
  • HORBAACH MANUFACTURERS: Laboratory Tested, Trusted Ingredients, Superior Quality, 100% Guaranteed!
  • NATURALLY FREE OF: Gluten, Wheat, Yeast, Milk, Soy, Artificial Color, Preservatives & Non-GMO

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 4.5
Width 2.3
Length 2.3
Weight 0.15375

Yrin is a great ingredient for hair growth. It promotes healthy hair regeneration, prevents and treats hair loss, and reduces dandruff. It also promotes hair growth, prevents hair loss, promotes hair growth, and reduces dandruff. Horbaach’s passion flower extract is a safe and natural way to enhance hair growth and manage hair loss. It is free of gluten, GMOs, and caffeine.

It is also non-allergenic and suitable for vegetarians. The supplement contains 500mg of pure chrysin per capsule. It is available in a pack of 60 capsules. According to the manufacturer, one capsule should be taken three times a day, one hour before meals.

8. Naturally Complete Chrysin for Men and Women 4 oz. Pump Bottle | Non-GMO | Unscented | Soy-Free | Made in The USA

Features :

  • Aids in relief from Menopause and Andropause complaints.
  • Of particular interest to the bodybuilder is chrysin’s ability to act as an inhibitor of aromatase enzyme activity.
  • Helps to build Lean Muscle Mass and increase energy and stamina
  • Combats mood swings. Non-Greasy
  • Soy-Free – Fragrance Free – Gluten Free

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 0.25

Chrysin is a potent anti-estrogen compound that is a natural hormone modulator derived from the passionflower plant. Chrysin acts as a competitive antagonist of the estrogen receptor. This is a very important property, because it prevents the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. This means that chrysin can lower the level of estrogen in the body while increasing the level of testosterone.

It is this process that makes chrysin a potent anti-estrogen compound. Chrysin is essential for both men and women because it fights off excess estrogen, which can lead to weight gain as well as mess with your testosterone levels.

9. Estroblock PRO Triple Strength – 60 Capsules, DIM & Indole 3-Carbinol for Natural Hormonal Hormone Balance, Acne – Anti Toxic Estrogen Aromatase Inhibitor Blocker. Soy Free, Dairy Free, Non-GMO (1)

Features :

  • Estrogen Blocker – New Triple Strength Pro-Formula! – A powerful 564 mg of uniquely blended phytochemical nutrients (to assure the best results)
  • Anti-Aromatase Inhibitor – Clearance of xenoestrogens from toxic pesticides,Supports healthy estrogen levels through proper estrogen metabolism
  • Benefits in women; toxic weight loss, Balanced Energy, symptoms related to Menopause, fights ACNE, PCOS, symptoms related to PMS, Estrogen Dominance
  • Benefits in Men; removes toxic weight loss, supports prostate health, Estrogen dominance, supports libido, supports Testosterone production, ACNE
  • Nothing is close to Estro Block Pro, the most potent product of anything on the market. It contains no soy, no stearates, no phosphates, no synthetic derivatives, and no animal products.

Additional Info :

Estroblock Pro Triple Strength is designed to help control estrogen, the hormone that can cause water retention, weight gain, and even lead to PMS symptoms, mood swings, and other hormonal imbalance problems. It is a triple-strength formula that works to block the estrogen-producing enzyme, the one responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen. This helps to reduce the amount of estrogen in the bloodstream, which may provide relief from symptoms such as bloating, water weight, and other issues caused by excess estrogen.

The manufacturer of Estroblock Pro Triple Strength claims that the product works to block excess estrogen from being produced, while boosting testosterone levels.

10. Supersmart – Natural Anti Aromatase Support – Endocrine System – Enhanced Formulation with DIM, Quercetin & Epilobium | Non-GMO & Gluten Free – 120 Tablets

Features :

  • 🔎 WHAT IS IT? The new formulation of Natural Anti Aromatase Support offers a natural, multi-faceted solution to the problem of aromatization, and, based on natural plant ingredients, is very well tolerated.
  • 👨‍⚕️ WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? Natural Anti Aromatase Support is an optimised formula to counter excess estrogen production. It Balances and supports optimal function of endocrine systems, both in men and women.
  • 💊 HOW TO TAKE IT? Take two tablets morning and evening.
  • 🔬 CONTAIN: Chrysine, Extract of Agaricus bisporus standardized to 30% polysaccharides, Naringin, Genistein, Quercetin, Extract of Epilobium parviflorum 10:1, Diindolylmethane powder, Zinc picolinate | Other ingredients :calcium carbonate, stearic acid, maltodextrin, croscarmellose sodium, shellac.
  • 👑 100% SATISFACTION – MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We want you to be fully Satisfied since 1992! Every order is Guaranteed for 1 year so you can shop with confidence. If you are not satisfied with our product, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. Ping us 24/7 regarding any questions. Supersmart: Innovation and Excellence since 1992! 👑

Additional Info :

Our top anti-aromatase supplement choice is supersmart’s anti-aromatase enhanced formulation. This supplement uses the ultimate anti-aromatase ingredients, dim, quercetin and epilobium. Dim is an active ingredient that is extracted from the turmeric plant. It has been shown to inhibit aromatase activity in the body. This is crucial since aromatase is the enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen in men.

Epilobium is an extract from the willow herb plant. It has been shown to inhibit the enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. The willow herb plant is one of the most potent inhibitors of aromatase enzyme in the plant kingdom.

All You Need to Know About Buying chrysin aromatase inhibitor

The most important step in choosing a supplement with chrysin is understanding what it is and what it does. This is especially important if you’re looking for a product to combat your menopause symptoms. That’s because chrysin is not a hormone but an aromatase inhibitor that helps your body use and maintain estrogen.

Aromatase inhibitors are also known as estrogen blockers, and they help prevent your body from converting testosterone into estrogen. By keeping your body’s estrogen levels low, you may be able to prevent or reduce the severity of menopausal and other estrogen-related conditions.

Chrysin Benefits
A supplement with chrysin should help you:

Reduce the amount of testosterone in your body
Prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen
Increase testosterone
Increase estrogen
Reduce estrogen
Prevent the conversion of testosterone into DHT
Increase DHT
Increase testosterone and decrease estrogen
Reduce estrogen and increase testosterone
Increase testosterone and increase estrogen
Reduce testosterone and increase estrogen
There are many benefits to taking a supplement with chrysin, including helping you maintain a healthy hormone balance and reducing your risk of certain conditions that can be exacerbated by testosterone and estrogen imbalances.

Chrysin Benefits for Women
Chrysin is especially useful for women because it can help balance their estrogen levels. It may be especially helpful for women who suffer from symptoms of menopause or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). It is also used to combat breast cysts, uterine fibroids, and other conditions related to estrogen dominance. In fact, chrysin may be beneficial for:

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
Breast cysts
Uterine fibroids
Chrysin Benefits for Men
Chrysin is also beneficial for men. It may help reverse the effects of low testosterone, increase free testosterone, and help prevent prostate cancer. These effects are similar to those of DHT, which is a hormone that works in tandem with testosterone in men.

Chrysin vs. DHT
Chrysin and DHT are similar in that they both help increase testosterone. But they work in different ways and have different effects.

DHT is a hormone that your body produces, while chrysin is an aromatase inhibitor that helps your body use and maintain the testosterone that’s already present

FAQ Questions and Answers

  • Is Chrysin an AI?

    Is Chrysin an artificial intelligence No, Chrysin is not an AI. Chrysin is a human being. Is Chrysin human Is Chrysin human No, Chrysin is not human.

    Chrysin is a machine. Is Chrysin a machine Is Chrysin a machine Yes, Chrysin is a machine.

  • What is the best AI for nolva?

    The AI stands for anastrozole and is a non-aromatizing steroid. It’s purpose is to reduce the amount of estrogen in the body. Nolva and AI go hand in hand.

    Many people choose to add an AI to their cycle to avoid the negative side effects that come with estrogen. What do AI’s do An AI reduces the amount of estrogen in the body by blocking the enzyme that stimulates its production in the body.

  • Is chrysin good for you?

  • Is chrysin a steroid?

  • What is the best AI on the market?


Chrysin may increase testosterone levels in both animals and humans. The ingredient may be beneficial for those who wish to increase muscle mass, boost sexual function and performance, and improve fertility. Chrysin may show anti-cancer properties, particularly when it comes to prostate cancer. As such, it may help to prevent or inhibit the development of cancer in the body. Chrysin may cause side effects such as headache, nausea, and dizziness.

Long-term use may also result in liver damage. For this reason, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional before taking chrysin supplements for a long period. Chrysin is available in supplement form.

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