Top 10 Best Commercial Fertilizer Spreader In 2023

Top 10 Best Commercial Fertilizer Spreader In 2023

Fertilizing your lawn with a fertilizer spreader is an important part of keeping a healthy lawn. Fertilizing helps feed your lawn, replenish nutrients, and encourages deep root growth that helps your lawn better tolerate heat, drought, and other stresses. Fertilizer spreaders come in a variety of types, sizes, and features.

A commercial-grade spreader is typically recommended for use on large lawns and for applying more-powerful granule fertilizers that are used in vegetable gardens. We’ve covered a number of commercial-grade spreaders in our reviews, including the Scotts Classic Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader, the Fertilizer Spreader Attachment by GDC, and the Agri-Fab 45-0-0 Low-Profile Broadcast Fertilizer Spreader.

Our Recommended 10 Best commercial fertilizer spreader in 2023

This is a common problem that occurs in most homeowners; they have a hard time choosing the perfect fertilizer spreader for their lawns. Fertilizer spreaders are designed to make gardening much easier by evenly distributing the nutrients in the soil. However, not all spreaders are suitable for all types of yards.

We have done extensive research and came up with the best spreaders for commercial use.

1. 19920 – Swisher Commercial Pro ATV Spreader

Features :

  • Spread grass seed, fertilizer, salt, or sand consistently
  • Adjustable spread width 4′ to 16′ diameter
  • Adjustable feed gate
  • Frame mounted on and off switch
  • 15 gallon poly tank; 150 lb capacity

Additional Info :

Color Opaque
Item Dimensions
Height 28.25
Width 26.75
Length 27
Weight 41

This is a really high-quality commercial-grade product. The hopper is made of high-impact polymer and is completely rust-free. It can hold up to two bushels of salt. The hopper is adjustable, and has a funnel for easy filling. The product also comes with a large funnel for refilling. The overall product dimensions are 48 by 24 by 34 inches.

The hopper is adjustable and can be tilted for accurate spreading. It is also very easy to operate the product. You will not have any problem spreading the salt on your driveway and sidewalks. The product is also backed by a one-year warranty against defects.

2. Precision Products 100-Pound Capacity Tow-Behind Semi-Commercial Broadcast Spreader TBS4500PRCGY

Features :

  • 10-Inch to 12-inch cutting Swath
  • Heavy duty plastic body
  • Plastic-coated Steel frame
  • Rain cover is included
  • 100-pound capacity tow-behind semi-commercial broadcast spreader; 10- to 12-foot spread pattern
  • Trails behind mowers, trailers for quick spreading
  • Fingertip cable control for easy adjustments
  • Steel tube frame and heavy-duty plastic hopper
  • 90-day limited warranty; includes rain cover; assembly required

Additional Info :

Color Dark Grey
Item Dimensions
Height 23.5
Width 22
Length 42
Weight 25
Release Date 2005-09-20T00:00:01Z

This quality tow-behind broadcast spreader has a 100-pound capacity and can go up to 15 feet from the handle to the outside of the spreader. It has a polyethylene hopper and is corrosion resistant. The hopper can be filled by dumping or by removing the top cap. You can choose between two or four wheel mode, and the wheels are made of solid plastic. This spreader has a 2.

5-inch opening to cover a large area with fertilizer or seeds. It can cover up to 16,500 square feet per hour. This unit has a strong, thick nylon strap to attach to a lawn mower or tractor. It also has a large, comfortable handle.

3. Precision Products 100-Pound Capacity Semi-Commercial Broadcast Spreader SB4500PRCGY

Features :

  • 100-pound capacity broadcast spreader; 10- to 12-foot spread pattern
  • Semi-commercial model for bigger jobs
  • Fingertip cable control for easy adjustments
  • Steel tube frame and heavy-duty plastic hopper

Additional Info :

Color Dark Grey
Item Dimensions
Height 29
Width 23
Length 43
Weight 25.1
Release Date 2022-07-21T00:00:01Z

The Precision Products 100-Pound Capacity Semi-Commercial Broadcast Spreader is one of the best-selling lawn care spreaders on Amazon. Precision Products has been making lawn care equipment for over 40 years, so you can trust the quality of their products. This lawn spreader is designed to broadcast lawn seed and fertilizer. It can hold up to 100 pounds of lawn care products and is made of a sturdy poly-reinforced plastic.

It is designed to be lightweight and easy to use, making it ideal for the average homeowner. The Precision Products lawn spreader is capable of spreading at a rate of up to 16 feet per second, depending on the operator. It comes with a two-year limited warranty.

4. EarthWay 2030 Single 65 LB (29 KG) Capacity Commercial Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader for Grass, Fertilizer, Seeds — Includes Side Spread Control, Even Spread, Poly Tires

Features :

  • The large rustproof poly hopper can hold up to 65 pounds (29.48 kg) of your chosen material. No need to stop and fill the hopper multiple times making it perfect for commercial or residential use.
  • Engineered with ingenuity; deep lug poly wheels, epoxy powder coated chassis, and high-speed gearbox all work together to give you a spreader that will last through the years.
  • The 2030 Single comes pre-assembled so there is no time wasted putting this spreader together. Take it right out of the box, lift then tighten the handle, fill with your spreading material and off you go!
  • Our patented Side Spread Control design protects your flowerbeds, sidewalks, and walkways. It allows you to control the left side spread pattern, which lets you maintain the correct application rate even when close to paths and other places you don’t want to spread material.
  • EarthWay’s 2030 Single is made in the USA providing you with quality year after year. EarthWay Products does have a one year limited warranty and lifetime technical support on all products.

Additional Info :

Color Red
Item Dimensions
Height 26.5
Width 20
Length 38

Made from high-impact plastic and designed with a side-mounted handle, this earthway single-width spreader is a good choice for homeowners looking for an affordable broadcast spreader for their lawn. Perfect for applying fertilizer, seeds, grass seedlings, and other materials to a lawn, this simple spreader has a single-width hopper that holds up to 65 pounds of material. The hopper’s transparent cover allows for easy visibility of how much material is in the hopper.

The hopper’s lid is spring-loaded to help keep accidental spills to a minimum. The side-mounted handle makes it easy to transport the spreader.

5. Spyker P70-12010 Commercial Drop Spreader, Black

Features :

  • Spyker P70-12010 Commercial Drop Spreader
  • 120 lb. hopper capacity
  • Powder coated steel frame
  • 36″ spread width
  • 13″ x 5″ wheels

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 27
Width 46
Length 45
Release Date 2015-05-14T00:00:01Z

Spyker’s commercial drop spreader is a relatively simple device that does what it’s supposed to do. It is a basic tool for spreading salt granules on the road to melt ice. The Spyker drop spreader has a capacity of 10 gallons and a hopper width of 21 inches. The hopper is angled to keep the salt flowing downwards and prevent it from piling up at the entrance to the drop spreader.

The hopper and water bottle are made of high-grade plastic, and the rest of the device is made of aluminum. The Spyker drop spreader is equipped with a shovel on both sides to push the accumulated snow and ice away to clear the way.

6. Swisher 22000 Hobby Farm Pro Tow Behind 52 Gallon Commercial Spreader

Features :

  • Ability to spread to the Left, Right or Full 180° pattern
  • Precision adjustable material flow gate controls
  • 600 lb or 52 Gallon capacity (~7 cu.ft)
  • Up to 30 ft spread width depending on material
  • Heavy Duty Cast Gearbox

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 54
Width 44
Length 44

This product is a commercial-grade tow behind spreader made by Swisher, a well-known brand in the lawn and garden tool industry. It is one of the more popular choices of homeowners. The spreader is capable of spreading salt, sand, or fertilizer. It has a maximum capacity of 52 gallons, and its dimensions are 40 x 21 x 23 inches. It has a 1-inch poly spinner, and it is lightweight at only 13.

8 pounds. The tow chain is 3/8 inches in diameter and is made of galvanized steel. It has 3 settings for the drop rate, which is controlled by a knob.

7. EarthWay EarthShaker 17001 4LB (1.8KG) Capacity Salt/Seed/Fertilizer Spreader/Shaker with Four Option Selector Shut-Off Dial Lid, Removable Lid for Easy Refilling

Features :

  • Designed with an easy-to-use, twist-off lid that makes it easy to pour and go. The design is meant to make transportation and use quick and easy by being worksite ready straight out of the box.
  • Pour, twist, and spread! The EarthShaker is as easy to transport as it is to use. To use, simply pour in the product, twist to lock, spread, then store securely after use.
  • The comfortable ergonomic handle fits perfectly in your hand. The shape of the handle has been designed to naturally fit the grip of your fingers.
  • Adjustable dial openings allow for various sizes of material. The dial can turn to fit all kinds of material including grass seed, fertilizers, pesticides, ice melts, and floor dry.
  • A multi-seasonal spreader that’s perfect for small jobs. EarthWay’s EarthShaker can be used year-round or get multiple units to safely store your material in the off seasons.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0
Width 0
Length 0

And cleaning, with 16-inch x 8-inch coverage areaThis 4-pound capacity salt and fertilizer spreader is designed for small to medium-sized yards. It has a 16-inch by 8-inch coverage area and the option selector shut-off dial lid allows you to choose whether you want to use salt, fertilizer, or both. The four-pound capacity is suitable for most residential yards and it is easy to refill and clean.

The lid detaches, so you can rinse it under running water. The unit has a 4-pound capacity and a 16-inch by 8-inch coverage area, so it can handle 5,000 square feet.

8. Agri-Fab 45-0548 130 lb. Commercial Push Spreader, Orange/Black

Features :

  • CAPACITY: 130 lbs. ; 1/2 acre (25, 000 sq. ft. )
  • WHEELS: 13″ x 5″ Turf Tread Pneumatic Tires
  • CONSTRUCTION: 1 inch diameter steel tubing, Poly hopper, spreader plate, enclosed gear box; stainless steel axle and impeller shaft
  • OPERATION: Direct steel rod flow control
  • APPLICATION: Ideal for rock salt and ice melt application for ice control
  • : Comes with a 3 year limited
  • ACCESSORIES: Hopper cover, grate, and deflector kit are included
  • Power Source Type: Manual. Pallet Quantity- 10

Additional Info :

Color Orange/Black
Item Dimensions
Height 33.63
Width 27.13
Length 48
Weight 35

Agri-Fab’s commercial-grade spreader is ideal for those who need to spread salt, sand, or gravel on a regular basis. The unit’s high-impact plastic hopper can hold up to 130 pounds of salt, sand, or gravel, and the hopper’s funnel shape ensures that you won’t have to spend time shaking the spreader to get the material flowing.

The spreader’s wide base and steel legs keep it stable while you’re using it and ensure that the unit is durable enough to handle a constant flow of material without tipping over.

9. Guide Gear 12-Volt ATV/UTV Broadcast Spreader, 80-lbs Capacity, Lawn and Garden Seed Spreaders with Rain Cover

Features :

  • SEED YOUR LAND EASILY – Seeding your land has never been so easy with the Guide Gear ATV/UTV 12-Volt Broadcast Spreader. It’s designed to take away all that pain that goes with seeding by hand.
  • QUICK-CONNECT SYSTEM – The seed spreader for atv/utv features a simple quick-connect mount system and easy-install harness that fits most ATV front or rear racks with a lever gauge mounting to either side.
  • 80-POUNDS CAPACITY – An 80-lb capacity tank with a broadcast width of approximately 12′ makes this large lawn and garden seed spreader ideal for sowing seeds in smaller or larger areas.
  • HEAVY-DUTY RAIN COVER – All-purpose broadcast spreader with rain cover to keep out the rain, sleet, and snow. Use the spreader for ice salt, snow melt, grass seed, fertilizer, and more.
  • OUTSTANDING DURABILITY – Expertly constructed for outstanding durability, this ATV broadcast sprayer is made of rust-proof polyethylene to last you for the long haul. Size: 22.5″ x 16.5″ x 14″. Weighs 14 lbs.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 14.5
Width 16.75
Length 23.25
Weight 14.3

This low-cost GPS-enabled seeder has a weatherproof case, a large capacity and can be operated with one hand. It’s powered by four D batteries (not included) and can broadcast seeds and fertilizer over long distances. The guide gear model comes with four stakes for installing it on the lawn, but it does not include a rain cover.

It’s also available with stakes and a rain cover (guide gear model # 71012-bk) and without stakes (guide gear model #71112-bk). Read our full guide gear 12-volt atv/utv broadcast spreader review or buy it on Amazon.

10. Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader – Holds Up to 5,000 sq. ft. of Lawn Product, Green

Features :

  • Use the Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard Mini Broadcast Spreader to apply Scotts lawn care products
  • Comes pre-calibrated and fully assembled with a fold-down handle for easy storage
  • Scotts exclusive EdgeGuard Technology keeps lawn product off landscaping, driveways, and sidewalks
  • Features redesigned hopper and agitator for smoother product funneling and consistent coverage
  • Holds up to 5,000 sq. ft. of Scotts lawn product, including grass seed and fertilizer – ideal for treating smaller areas

Additional Info :

Color Green
Item Dimensions
Height 45.25
Width 20
Length 16
Weight 1
Release Date 2022-09-08T00:00:01Z

ColorScotts’s mini broadcast spreader is the best for edging for several reasons. For one, it is the smallest on this list, making it perfect for doing edging around small areas like in front of flower beds or sidewalks. It’s small size makes it light and easy to use. The Scotts spreader also has a well-designed plastic guard that contains the material being spread.

This allows for a very thorough edging job because it prevents the product from spilling out of the guard and onto the lawn. The Scotts spreader is well-designed, easy to use, and very effective at edging.

A Guide to Choosing the Right commercial fertilizer spreader

Measuring the area you want to spread the fertilizer over is the first thing you need to do. This will give you an idea of what capacity spreader you need to buy.

If you are fertilizing a lawn, you need to consider the type of grass you have and the type of fertilizer you are going to use. Different grasses require different nutrients, and some fertilizers can damage certain grass varieties.


For instance, if you have a Bermuda grass lawn, you may want to consider getting a spreader that has a fertilizer bar. This allows you to apply the fertilizer directly to the soil.

If you have a fescue or a ryegrass lawn, you need to be careful with what fertilizer you use. Some fertilizers can damage or even kill these grass varieties.

If you want to fertilize your garden, you will need to consider the type of plants you have and the type of fertilizer you are going to use. Plants require different nutrients, and some fertilizers can damage certain plants.

If you are going to fertilize your lawn or garden in the winter, you need to consider the spreader’s ability to handle a snow-melting system. Some spreaders don’t have this feature and should not be used in the winter.

Spreader Capacity
Spreader capacity is measured in pounds of fertilizer or seed, and it varies from spreader to spreader. Some spreaders can spread as little as 1 pound of fertilizer, while others can spread as much as 60 pounds.

It is important to choose a spreader with a capacity that meets your needs. If you are only fertilizing a small area, you don’t need a spreader that has a large capacity. However, if you are going to fertilize a large area, it is better to choose a spreader with a capacity that can meet your needs.

If you are spreading seed, it is important to choose a spreader that has a seed hopper with a capacity that meets your needs. If you are only spreading seed over a small area, you can choose a spreader with a small hopper. However, if you are going to spread seed over a large area, it is better to choose a spreader with a large hopper.

Ease of Use
There are a few things you need to consider when it comes to ease of use. One of the things you need

FAQ Questions and Answers

  • What type of fertilizer spreader is best?

  • What is the most accurate fertilizer spreader?

    The most accurate fertilizer spreader is the one that you will use on a regular basis. If you want to fertilize your lawn, you need to be able to trust the spreader. If it is wildly inaccurate, you will never use it.

    The most important feature of a fertilizer spreader is the hopper. It needs to be large enough to hold a good amount of fertilizer.

  • What is the best spreader for lawn fertilizer?

  • What is the most durable lawn fertilizer spreader?

  • How do I choose a lawn fertilizer spreader?

    If you’re looking to purchase a lawn spreader, there are a few important factors to consider. Are the settings adjustable How heavy is the spreader How much does it hold What type of fertilizer is recommended Are the settings adjustable Some manufacturers have gone to a dial setting system, which is much easier to use.

    Dial settings are also easier to set and tend to be more accurate.


The best broadcast spreader is the one that fits your needs and budget. If you’re only planning to use it occasionally, the Agri Supply broadcast spreader is a good option as it’s simple to use and easy to clean. For those needing a more heavy-duty model, the GatorBoss broadcast spreader is a great choice. It’s easy to load and features a large hopper and accurate spreader settings.

If you’re looking for a spreader that can handle both dry and liquid fertilizer, the Farm Innovators broadcast spreader is a great choice. It’s easy to load and the large hopper holds plenty of material.

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