Our 10 Best Cpap Mask For Beards Reviews In 2023

Our 10 Best Cpap Mask For Beards Reviews In 2023

A beard is a symbol of masculinity, a cultural phenomenon that has grown in popularity in recent years. The growth of a beard requires a lot of care and maintenance, which is why many people choose to use a beard balm or oil to soften the hair and prevent breakage and split ends. Unfortunately, the use of a beard balm can clog up the airways inside a CPAP or BiPAP mask, preventing it from sealing properly. But don’t worry, there are some CPAP masks designed for men with beards.

In this post, I will introduce you to three CPAP masks designed for men with beards. I have also included a buying guide to help you choose the best beard-friendly CPAP mask for you. In addition, I have written a detailed review of the SnorBan bearded CPAP mask.

Our Top 10 Best cpap mask for beards On The Market

For most people, their CPAP mask is a constant companion, a contact point that they have with their sleep therapy every single night. And while there are dozens of different masks out there, some of them can be downright uncomfortable, especially if you have a beard.

With so many different options out there, it can seem confusing to decide which mask is right for you.

1. resplabs CPAP mask Liners – Compatible with Most Full face Masks – Reduce Noisy air leaks, Prevent Painful Irritation – Universal

Features :

  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: 4x CPAP liners. Mask and Cushion are NOT included.
  • ADDITIONAL CPAP COMFORT: CPAP mask liner can help to reduce skin irritation, redness, and pressure sores caused by the mask rubbing against the skin. It can also help to reduce the amount of noise that the mask makes when air leaks out, which can be especially important for people who share a bed with a partner.
  • IMPROVING CPAP HYGIENE: It can also help to absorb sweat and oil from the skin, which can help to prevent breakouts and keep the skin clean. This can be especially important for people who have sensitive or acne-prone skin.
  • PROTECTING YOUR CPAP INVESTMENT: Using a CPAP mask liner can help to prolong the life of the CPAP mask by reducing the amount of oil, dirt, and sweat that can build up on the mask over time. This can help to reduce the frequency of mask replacement and save money in the long run.
  • SUBSCRIBE AND SAVE: By subscribing to regular deliveries, you can receive a discount of up to 15% on the product’s regular price. The program is fully automatic and hassle-free. You don’t have to worry about remembering to order products regularly, and you can cancel or change your subscription at any time.

Additional Info :

Size, one size fits allResplabs CPAP mask liners are washable, reusable, and can be used with most full faced CPAP masks. The universal size will fit most adults and is designed to fit comfortably around the face and under the CPAP mask. The elastic band is soft and stretchy and will fit snug around the face. The fabric is breathable and will help reduce condensation from building up on the mask.

The mask liner is designed to reduce annoying and painful air leaks and can be used with saline soaks for extra comfort. The mask liner can be washed and reused, and the soft elastic band will maintain a snug fit even after multiple washings.

2. CPAP Gel Mask Leak Sealer

Features :

  • CPAP gel seals the mask eliminating irritating noises helping to restore your sleep.
  • Creates a liquid like seal around the mask that stops air from escaping that causes irritating noises and unsafe air leaks.
  • Reduces skin irritation and mask comfort by allowing the user to loosen the mask without jeopardizing the seal.
  • CPAP gel is made up of all natural ingredientsincluding the healing powers of Aloe Vera
  • Increases compliance by making the mask more comfortable and eliminating common complaints caused by the CPAP mask.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 1.25
Width 2.25
Length 6.25
Weight 0.25

A reliable sealer should be able to provide a leak-free experience every time, especially when you’re using a CPAP machine. The cpap gel mask leak sealer is a professional, medical-grade product that is used to treat the gel mask of your CPAP machine. This can effectively treat leaks due to the improper fitting of the mask. The cpap gel mask sealer is made with a gentle gel that will not irritate your skin.

It will work on any brand of CPAP mask, and it is safe to use even with sensitive skin. It is easy to use, too.

3. 2 Pack – Gel Mask Leak Sealer, 4 Ounces Each

Features :

  • Reduces noise from air leaks that can disrupt bed partners sleep. CPAPgel seals the mask eliminating irritating noises helping to restore your sleep.
  • Creates a liquid like seal around the entire mask. No matter what mask the patient uses CPAP mask gel stops air from escaping and causing irritating noises and unsafe air leaks. Using CPAP gel to seal the CPAP mask will optimize the treatment, allowing for the restful sleep your body needs.
  • Reduces face irritation and increases mask comfort. By using CPAP gel to seal the mask, it allows the CPAP user to loosen the mask without jeopardizing the seal. Loosening the mask for proper fit will also reduce pressure sores, help prevent headaches, anxiety and insomnia caused by tight headgear.

Additional Info :

Designed to seal the pores of bathroom shower tiles and prevent the staining caused by hard water, this shower gel mask sealer by Leak Sealer is suitable for use with most tile types, including porcelain, ceramic, and natural stone. The sealer is also suitable for use on shower stalls. The product is available in two-packs and provides a total of 8 ounces of sealer. It can be used on new or existing surfaces.

The sealer is easy to use and can be applied by either brushing or rolling. It dries within 1 hour and is safe to use around children and pets. It can be used on shower doors, shower floors, and shower stalls.

4. ResMed AirTouch F20 Cushion – Provides an Excellent Seal – Large

Features :

  • Memory Foam Cushion: Hypoallergenic; perfect for sensitive skin, the elderly, or bearded; keeps cool
  • Replacement Cushion: For ResMed AirTouch F20 full-face CPAP mask; CPAP mask not included
  • Excellent Mask Seal: Ultra-soft CPAP mask cushion; replace every 30 days (monthly)
  • CPAP Technology: Resmed builds technology that helps people breathe easier and sleep better
  • ResMed: Helping millions with sleep apnea, COPD, and related issues to live better lives

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 0.18

Size This mask is a favorite among many of the patients we see in our Sleep Apnea therapy center. If you want a mask that provides a good seal and has a large size, this is the mask for you. This mask has a soft cushion that is gentle on the face. It also has a flexible elbow that is designed to help with alignment. It is a hybrid mask, which means that it has both nasal and oral ventilation.

This is a great mask for those who are mouth breathers. The headgear on this mask is very comfortable and is made of soft, flexible fabric. It also has a quick release for easy removal.

5. Cremo Cedar Forest Beard & Scruff Softener, Softens and Conditions Coarse Facial Hair of all Lengths in Just 30 Seconds, 6 Fl Oz.

Features :

  • Get touchably soft results in just 30 seconds
  • Helps soothe beard itch and dryness
  • Contains no silicone. Designed with powerful moisturizers and conditioners that penetrate thick facial hair to soften from the inside-out
  • Helps promote growth and keeps beard looking healthy
  • Fresh Cedar Forest scent doesn’t overpower other fragrances
  • Designed for facial hair of any length – Best for stubble, scruff and full beards

Additional Info :

Color Brown
Item Dimensions
Height 2
Width 2
Length 5.13
Weight 0.4375
Release Date 2021-07-01T00:00:01Z

This product is a popular choice for many customers who have tried it and seen the effects it has on beards. It is also made from all-natural ingredients. With this product, you only need to apply it for 30 seconds, and the effects will stay for hours. It can soften even the coarsest hair, so you can even use it on your hair if you want. However, it is made for beards.

Customers who have tried this product are happy with the results. The scent is also a favorite among many. Those who want to buy this product can buy it online or in certain retail stores.

6. 10 Pieces Mask Covers Reusable Soft Mask Liners Full Face Mask Liners Reduces Air Leaks and Blisters (Blue)

Features :

  • What you get: the package contains 10 pieces mask liners, specific quantity is for you to choose, the liner has a pre-cut hole to fit most full-size mask; The mask liners can be adjusted that will fit most full face masks
  • Soft material: mask liner has absorbent and breathable blend fabric which can act as a moisture wicking barrier between the cover material and your face; Reducing excess moisture on your face that is keeping you awake; And can be repeatedly cleaned, not easy to wear, curl and fall off; Non suture process with smooth contact surface to avoid skin abrasion or irritation
  • Relieve pressure: give yourself a barrier between facial oils and your cover to prevent breakdown of the mask silicone, allow your pores to breathe and relieve your irritated skin; You no longer have to over-tighten your headgear, and it will not slide around during the night
  • Prevent leaking: soft liner texture can evenly distributed tension greatly increases the stability of the cover and ensures that it will not leak from the cover; The possibility of reducing leaking issues, uncomfortable pressure sores or skin irritation; No more “whistling” or high-pitched noise from air leaks throughout the night
  • Bring you nice using experience: soft mask liners will fit well and keep your skin clean, you will feel fresh at every morning, bring you a nice using experience

Additional Info :

Color Blue

These mask liners have a unique design with a string and a loop to tie around the back of your head to prevent them from sliding off your face. They have a soft and stretchy feel, and they fit snugly around your face. They are also reusable, and you can wash them with water and leave them to dry. Many reviewers said these are easy to use and comfortable.

However, a few said they slip off the face easily. If you’re looking for mask liners that won’t slip off your face, try these blue ones. They have a unique design that holds the mask in place, making them ideal for a comfortable experience when wearing a CPAP mask.

7. REMREST 5 pack Cpap Mask Liners to reduce air leaks ultra soft cotton covers are washable and easy to clean with laundry bag (5 Pack)

Features :

  • 🥇 Ultra Soft fabric makes your mask more comfortable. NO MORE “whistling” or high-pitched noise from air leaks throughout the night. Air can often jet directly into your eyes to wake you up and the sudden noise can disrupt sleep of anyone else in the room.
  • 🥇 Helps control air leaks, especially from changing positions during the night!
  • 🥇 Give yourself a barrier between facial oils and your mask to prevent breakdown of the mask silicone. Allow your pores to breathe. Relieve your irritated skin. You no longer have to over-tighten your headgear. Your mask will not slide around during the night.
  • 🥇 These liners have a 2″ pre-cut hole to fit most full-size mask faces. One size fits MOST full face CPAP masks.
  • 🥇 STOP Wrenching your headgear straps tighter or forcing yourself to sleep in a certain position just to avoid the noise!

Additional Info :

These liners are designed to help reduce air leaks and keep the mask clean. They are made of ultra-soft cotton and are machine washable. Each pack comes with 5 liners, and they come with a laundry bag. They are compatible with all CPAP masks, including full-face masks, nasal masks, and nasal pillows. The soft cotton material is breathable and absorbent.

The washable fabric is suitable for sensitive skin and won’t irritate the skin. Those who bought these liners said they are a great solution for those who have sensitive skin. They absorb the moisture and keep the hair dry, they said.

8. PURIAN Beard Mask, 3 Layer Bandana Face Mask with Filter Pocket, Beard Defender Face Mask, SM to XL Mask, Charcoal Filters & Aromatherapy Discs, 2 Masks

Features :

  • AROMATHERAPY DISC INCLUDED: The Purian aroma disc is placed in the mask’s filter pocket and comes preloaded with an aromatic scent to make your mask wearing experience more enjoyable. Once the aroma disc has fully discharged all scent, additional pre-loaded aroma discs can be purchased from Purian.
  • COMFORTABLE BANDANA STYLE FACE MASK: This kerchief mask design combines the protection of traditional face masks with the comfort of a bandana. The unique style practically eliminates annoying chafing and Talk all day without having to readjust your mask or endure chafing around your mouth and chin. The open bottom design is great for beards and extra large faces.
  • TRIPLE LAYER PROTECTION: Protects against the elements like dust, dirt, and snow. The outer 1st layer is 80% Polyester/20% Cotton. The 2ND Layer is great for filtering with 95% Cotton/5% Spandex. The 3rd Layer is lining made with 80% Polyester/20% Cotton.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: This sun protection scarf is designed and distributed in the USA and includes Fast Shipping.
  • Winter Sport Accessory: The Purian Bandit beard mask for men is perfect for face mask protection from the cold- great for skiing, snowboarding, or other winter sports. The bandana style provides facial coverage from the sun and is fitting for beards and extra large faces.

Additional Info :

Color 2 Pack

With 1 filter pocketBeard and Body: The Purian beard mask is a 3-layer bandana mask with a pocket to hold the included filter. The pocket is big enough to hold the filter, but small enough that you can’t just stuff the pocket with more than one filter. The mask is made of polyester, and has a fleece lining around the nose and mouth area.

The mask comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The small should fit most men, while the large might be a little too big for most guys.

9. CPAP Hose Hanger with Anti-Unhook Feature – CPAP Mask Hook & CPAP Tubing Holder – CPAP Hose Organizer Avoids CPAP Hose Tangle and Allows You to Sleep Better (1)

Features :

  • HOOKS DESIGNED FOR CPAP USERS:The CPAP hose hook is compatible with all sizes of CPAP tubing, has a large capacity to hang 3 hoses at the same time, handles extra long hoses very well, and has an anti-decoupling design without worrying about falling off when turning over. Professional design makes CPAP user convenient.
  • IMPROVE SLEEP QUALITY:Difficulty finding a comfortable position to fall asleep, and difficulty entering deep sleep due to CPAP devices have plagued CPAP users. A hook designed for CPAP users will noticeably improve your sleep. Hanging the hose frees you from the constraints of the cpap hose and finds a comfortable position faster. Anti-drop hook design prevents you from waking up startled from a deep sleep when a hose falls off
  • BETTER CPAP TREATMENT EXPERIENCE:The cpap hook adjusts the hose length to provide stable support, ensuring that the hose won’t get tangled while you sleep, your mask won’t fall off when you roll over, and the air won’t be cut off. Practical cpap gadget provides you with great value convenience
  • KEEP YOUR CPAP MASK AND CPAP HOSE ORGANIZED:The PAP Hose Hanger and Mask Holder in One provides excellent hose organization, supports the hose during cpap treatment and stores excess hose, so long cpap hoses can be kept organized. The hooks are within easy reach so the mask can be easily hung up and kept neat and tidy for reuse.
  • EASY TO INSTALL AND USE:Simply stick the hook on the wall or bed with the included clear glue, the hook should be left on for an hour before use (the surface should be wiped clean before gluing) Knowing this you can install the hook anywhere you want. we believe carefully considered design ought to be intuitive so it’s easy to open and use without spending hours reading the instruction manual

This CPAP hose holder is one of the most popular, and for a good reason. It is a very practical, simple and effective solution that can be used to keep your CPAP hose organized. For example, you can use it to hang your CPAP hose over your bedside table. The anti-unhook feature ensures that your hose will not fall to the ground if someone grabs it accidentally during the night.

It is also useful to keep your CPAP hose away from your face and mouth, which can be useful for people who are using a nasal mask. The CPAP hose hanger is very easy to install.

10. resplabs Halo Chin Strap for CPAP Users – This is Not Another Anti Snoring Chinstrap

Features :

  • This is NOT an Anti Snoring Chin Strap. This is a Chin Strap for CPAP users to help prevent mouth opening during CPAP use only.
  • Constructed to follow the shape of your face for optimal chin support, the Halo Chin Strap is a flexible, adjustable chin strap designed to prevent mouth leak events and minimize sleep disruptions by holding the mouth closed during CPAP therapy.
  • Latex-free.
  • Mission: Help one billion people enjoy a longer, healthier, and happier life using cpap by 2050.

Additional Info :

. It is designed especially for cpap users. Halo anti-snoring chin strap is a CPAP chin strap that can be worn while sleeping. It has a soft, medical-grade hypoallergenic foam that gently secures the jaw in a slightly forward, but relaxed position. This position prevents the tongue from falling back into the throat and reducing snoring.

The hypoallergenic foam is covered with a durable, adjustable nylon strap that ensures the correct fit and is easy to adjust. The nylon strap is adjustable by a plastic buckle for easy on and off. The strap is available in two sizes- small/medium and medium/large.

cpap mask for beards You Should Consider

You have already read a detailed review of the best CPAP masks for men with beards. Now you might be wondering how would you buy the right one for your specific needs.

Here are some tips that might come in handy for you:

1. Consider the type of your CPAP mask
There are three main types of masks available for purchase:

Full face mask – This type of mask will cover your nose as well as your mouth.
This type of mask is ideal for people with a beard since it will not get tangled in the mask’s straps.

Nasal pillow mask – This mask is specially designed to cover the nose.
This type of mask is suitable for people with a light beard because it will be easier to clean.

Nasal mask – This mask is specially designed to cover the nose.
This type of mask is not suitable for bearded men because it will not cover the mouth and will be prone to getting tangled in the beard.

2. Consider the size of the mask’s cushion
The cushion is the part that covers your nose and it is a vital part of the mask. You will be wearing it for a long period of time. You need to make sure that it is comfortable.

Some cushions are bigger than others. You need to find a cushion that will fit your nose comfortably. You will have a better sleep if you find a mask that suits your needs.

3. Consider the size of the mask’s headgear
The headgear will secure the mask to your head. You need to make sure that it is secured properly before you go to sleep. A loose mask will disturb your sleep and will also make your beard get tangled in the headgear.

4. Consider the color of the mask
Some people will find it more relaxing to wear a mask that is the same color as their skin. You can also find a mask that is transparent so that you can see through it.

5. Consider your budget

You can find a mask for every budget. There are some very expensive masks available and there are also some very cheap masks available. You need to find a mask that will suit your budget.

6. Consider the materials used in the mask
Some masks are made from silicone and some are made from a plastic material. You need to find a mask that will not cause any allergic reaction.

7. Consider the weight

People Also Ask (FAQs)

  • What kind of CPAP mask works with a beard?

    This is the question we get asked most often. The answer is that you need a very specific type of mask, which we will get to later in this article. In the meantime, let’s clarify some things first.

    Why can’t I use my current mask Beard hair is much coarser than head hair and it tends to grow in all different directions.

  • Is there a CPAP mask for men with beards?

  • Can you use a beard with a CPAP mask?

    Absolutely! The only thing to worry about is making sure your mask and beard don’t overlap when you sleep. To do this, you may need to shave a little off the bottom of your beard so that it doesn’t overlap with your mask.

    For the best outcome, you’ll want to make sure your beard is trimmed regularly so that it doesn’t get in the way of your mask.

  • Does a CPAP mask go over a beard?

  • Can a man grow a beard while using CPAP?

    It’s common for men to grow a beard while using CPAP. Can a man grow a beard while using a CPAP machine It’s common for men to grow a beard while using a CPAP machine.

    Can I wear a beard with a CPAP Yes, you can wear a beard with a CPAP.


It all boils down to your preference. If you are looking for a mask that is portable and easy to carry around, then you could choose the Airweave. It does not have the most features, but it does the job well. If you are looking for something more substantial and with more features, then you could go with the Resmed Airfit F20 or the Resmed Airfit P10.

Both offer a seamless facial interface with the user and are easy to clean and use. However, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, then the Philips Respironics could be the product for you. It is not the most feature-rich product, but it will get the job done.

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