The 10 Best Electric Fence Reviews & Comparison

The 10 Best Electric Fence Reviews & Comparison

For most people, installing an electric fence is an important decision. It is an investment for the safety of your valuable livestock. When choosing an electric fence, you’ll be faced with a number of options and decisions. In this article, I’ve outlined some of the basics of an electric fence to help you understand what to look for. I’ll also go through some of the features to consider before choosing the best electric fence for horses. And of course, I’ll highlight some of the top picks.

Take a look to see which one suits your needs and your budget. Electric fences are safe and effective ways to keep your livestock contained. They’re also useful for keeping predators out, whether your livestock is in a pasture or contained in a pen. Electric fences are a simple, effective way to keep your livestock contained. They’re a safe and humane alternative to traditional fencing.

Top 10 electric fence Review for 2023

Suppose you have a large piece of land, with a garden and a pasture for your livestock. You’re about to go on a long vacation. How are you going to keep the animals safe? Well, you could build a sturdy fence, with strong posts and barbed wire on top.

But the animals will try to break through the fence sometimes and will get hurt. That’s where electric fences come in handy.

1. Patriot PE2 Electric Fence Energizer Plus 250-Feet Made in U.S.A. 17 Gauge Spool Aluminum Wire for Containing Pets and Keeping Out Small Nuisance Animals

Features :

  • Set includes 1 Patriot Electric Fence Charger plus 1 250ft spool of Patriot Made in the USA 17 Gauge aluminum wire (or comparable brand)and Quick Tip Guide. Does NOT include a ground rod. Only effective for small nuisance animals.
  • PE2 Output Voltage: Up to 5 kV max, 2.8 kV @ 500 ohms;Patriot Wire tensile strength 38,000 PSI; Fi-Shock Breaking load: 90 lbs; Fi-Shock aluminum wire Will not rust; Will Keep Dogs from Digging Out of Their Pen; Keep Rabbits and Deer Out of Your Garden; For Use as an Electric Dog Fence
  • If you test the wire to see if it will shock you, don’t be standing in boots that insulate you from the ground. It will not work then! The ground system should be at least 33′ (10 m) away from electric or telephone ground systems to avoid interference.
  • Moist soil conducts electricity better than dry soil. If possible, locate the ground system in a boggy area. In dry weather, wet the area around the ground system to keep the soil moist.
  • Make sure there are a sufficient number of ground rods. See your charger’s user manual for recommendations. If in doubt, use at least three ground rods. Use more ground rods if your soil conditions are not ideal. Ground rods should be at least 6’6″ (2 m) long. One long ground rod works better than several short ground rods.

Additional Info :

Color multicolor
Item Dimensions
Height 4
Width 9
Length 10

Like rabbits, skunks, groundhogs, chipmunks and squirrels. It is a complete electric fence system that includes energizer, wire, posts, and hardware for easy installation. Suitable for outdoor and indoor uses such as fencing off your garden, yard, kennel, corral, stall, pen, and barn. Highly durable and made in the usa with a 3-year limited warranty.

For an effective electric fence, you need an energizer. With its strong and durable aluminum wire and 250-ft long spool, this patriot pe2 electric fence energizer is the perfect choice.

2. Briidea 2-Mile Electric Fence Energizer for Preventing Wild Animals Intruding 8 Acres Output Voltage 5000 V 0.1Joule

Features :

  • [Available Controlling Range] Having been designed for use with electric animal fences, the fence energizer is capable to control an area of 8 acres, and is compatible with most soil types
  • [Two Terminals] This fence energizer is standard equipped with two terminals, of which one is fence ground terminal for connecting to a separate ground system, the other one is fence output terminal for connecting to the fence
  • [Security Protection] With its cable having been listed by UL after a series of strict tests, this unit is more secure and reliable to use and is capable of fire prevention
  • [Warning Sings Needed] A warning sign shall be fitted to every point where persons may gain ready access to the conductors
  • [For Controlling Animals] This unit is capable to both defend the domestic animals inside the fence and prevent wild animals such as bears, raccoons, skunks intruding on the domestic ones

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 2.2
Width 3.5
Length 6

The Briidea 2-Mile Electric Fence Energizer is ideal for preventing wild animals from intruding an area up to 2 acres. This model is powerful enough to shock even large animals such as deer, and the electric fence energizer is suitable for use with polywire, wire, or PVC fence. The electric fence energizer generates a continuous DC voltage of 5000V, and it has an output current of 0. 1A.

The maximum fence length is 100,000ft, and the energizer has a detection range of up to 2000ft from the fence line. It also has a LED indicator that displays the fence status.

3. Patriot PE10 Electric Fence Energizer, 0.30 Joule

Features :

  • No load voltage = 5,000
  • 500 ohm load voltage = 3,200
  • 1 year full replacement warranty
  • Made in New Zealand
  • Main color is black

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 8
Width 10
Length 3.5
Weight 1.5

The Patriot PE10 is easy to set up and use, it has a built-in LED light, and it works with 12-volt or 24-volt fences. It comes with a one-year warranty and is rated at 0. 30 jou (amps). This electric fence energizer is also compatible with poly wire, poly tape, and poly rope.

It’s weather-resistant, with a water- and dust-proof design that protects it from extreme conditions. This energizer comes with a battery, a fence charger, and a detailed manual that makes installation easy. It’s backed by a one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

4. Gallagher Electric Fence Turbo Wire | 9 Mixed Metal Strands for 40x More Conductivity and Extreme Power | Ideal for Long Portable Fences | UV, Rust Resistant | 3/32″ Diameter Turbowire | 2625 Foot

Features :

  • EXTREME POWER FOR LONG DISTANCE FENCING : Gallagher Turbo Wire consists of 9 inter-woven mixed metal strands including stainless steel and copper – providing 40x more conductivity than Poly Wire. Ideal for distances beyond 1/4 mile where extreme power is required.
  • USE ANYWHERE: Lightweight and easy to install, repair, cut, splice and rewind. Gallagher Turbo Wire is UV resistant. It can be re-used again and again, and will last out on the farm through years of continuous use. It’s ultra-white color makes it highly visable to people & animals.
  • RUST RESISTANT: Made from 9 strands of premium stainless steel and copper so that it resists rust. Delivers more reliable performance over time than aluminium wire which can develop an oxidative coating, reducing its effectiveness.
  • USE WITH ELECTRIC FENCING REELS: Add to Gallagher reels to easily wind your fence in and out. Suitable in windy conditions and portable fencing applications.
  • RELIABILITY YOU CAN TRUST: Gallagher’s Turbo Wire has a long life and is ideal for use in windy conditions giving you peace of mind that your livestock and crops are safe. Each pack contains a 2625 Foot Roll that can be reused again and again.

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 6
Width 8.5
Length 8.5

RollGallagher electric fence turbo wire is a high-quality electric fence wire that is ideal for creating long electric fences that need to be portable. It’s made with 9 mixed metal strands which give it 40x more conductivity than galvanized fence wire. It has a 3/32″ diameter and is coated with a special compound that is both weather and rust resistant. This makes it ideal for creating long fences that can be moved around the farm or pasture.

The turbo wire comes on a 2625’ roll and includes a free energizer. There are several things that make this Gallagher Turbo Wire ideal for building long electric fences.

5. MASBRILL Electric Fence for Dog, Aboveground Underground Fence Pet Containment System, Rechargeable Waterproof Collar with Tone/Static Shock Correction 2 Collar (for 2 Dogs, Black & Blue Collar)

Features :

  • ✅【Adjustable Waterproof Receiver Collar】The MASBRILL dog fence receiver collar is IPX7 waterproof and comfortably fits pet weighing 8 -115 lbs with neck sizes between 8-26 inches, For dogs 8 months and older.Reflective collar strap adds visibility so you can see your pet better at night.
  • ✅【Beep & Static Shock Modes Warning】When the pet approaches the boundary line you set, the collar will first beep to notice your pet. If he/she continues to approach, it will trigger electric shock accompanied by a beep.
  • ✅【100-Level Signal Adjustable】You can adjust the signal level through “+, -” on the transmitter, once you’ve laid out the boundary, the higher the transmitter’s signal level, the less the dog’s range of movement, which means the collar will beep sooner as the dog approaches the boundary.Transmitter will intelligent alarm when connection is bad or the wire is broken, find the problem in time.
  • ✅【656 Feet Copper Wire】Come with 656 feet copper wire which can cover maximum 4/5 acre (the area will different from layout), You can purchase additional wires to expand the boundary up to 984 feet as you need.Not only can be buried but also can pave on the land, Bury wire 3″-5″ deep, Please test before buried the wire.
  • ✅【 Contain All Your Pets】If you have more than 1 pet purchase as many collars as you need. This pet containment system allows you to safely contain an unlimited number of pets.

Additional Info :

Color Black & Blue collar
Item Dimensions
Height 3.95
Width 9.84
Length 11.22

This electric dog fence kit comes with everything you need to create a boundary inside your yard. You can install it aboveground or underground, depending on your yard and preference. It’s a great fencing system for dogs that can be adjusted from a small area to up to two acres. It’s designed to keep your dog from wandering into the street or other unsafe places, but it also helps keep them from wandering too far from home.

The rechargeable waterproof collar has a range of tones and static shocks to choose from, so you can teach your dog what behaviors you want from them. It’s also designed to be gentle on your dog’s skin.

6. Hooyman Hot Zone Garden Electric Fence Solar Powered with 4 Wire Setup, 4,900 Square Foot Coverage, Fiberglass Poles, and Post Insulators for Garden Protection, Deer Exclosure, and Land Management

Features :

  • SPECS: Runs on a 10 watt solar panel (included with a post bracket, post not included) and has .6 joule output energizer that requires a 12V deep cycle battery (not included standard car batteries not recommended)
  • EASE OF USE: Place the included exterior poles, the interior poles, run the tape on the outside, wire on the inside and ground with the 4 feet galvanized steel rod (insert full depth into moisture rich soil, avoid grounding in rocky and sandy conditions)
  • INNOVATIVE: Assemble immediately after seeding/planting and the dual perimeter setup makes wildlife second guess the height and depth of the fence causing contact and a shock to occur before they attempt to jump
  • RELIABLE: Guaranteed to keep your crops and food plots safe from overgrazing during the early growth stage to ensure healthy plants; Covers up to ¼ acre of land and setup is quick and easy
  • INCLUDES: 4 feet galvanized steel ground rod, solar panel and mounting hardware, energizer with grounding and fence connectors, rod impact cap for driving poles
  • GUARANTEED: This product is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty provided by Hooyman. For questions, please contact Hooyman’s customer service

Additional Info :

Color See Below
Item Dimensions
Height 1
Width 1
Length 1
Weight 1.38
Release Date 2020-04-03T00:00:01Z

. Hooyman Hot Zone Electric Fence Kit is an excellent choice for perimeter fencing of agricultural crops and garden beds. The fence offers a coverage of 4,900 square feet and is powered by a solar panel. The fence kit includes 10 hot zone electric fence energizers, 100 boundary fence wire, 100 fence post insulators, and 100 fiberglass fence posts. The fence energizers come pre-installed with 4 hot galvanized wires and a 20-foot power cord.

The fence energizers are safe for pets and children since they are installed at 2. 5 feet above the ground. Each hot galvanized wire is rated at 10,000 volts and 2. 5 amps.

7. Zareba HDR656WA-Z 656 feet of 8mm Electric Fencing Heavy-Duty Sure Shock Polyrope, White

Features :

  • Features 6 highly conductive aluminum wires with 20X shocking power
  • Woven with PVC-coated high-density fiberglass for 2X strength
  • Lightweight and convenient for temporary pastures, rotational grazing and equine containment
  • Weather-resistant UV protection for added life in the field
  • Easy to install, repair and splice while in the field

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 9.5
Width 7.6
Length 7.6

The zareba hdr656wa-z is a great choice for those looking for a fence that is able to keep out most larger animals. The durable white polyrope material is able to keep out unwanted animals and will ensure that they stay out. It’s able to shock a maximum of 6 animals at once and has a maximum shock range of 8 feet.

This Zareba fence is powered by a solar panel rather than a battery. While the fence can be powered by a battery if you’d like, the solar panel is a great choice for those who want to leave their fence out in the sun.

8. Standard by Fence Master | Powerful 3 Mile 13,000 Volt Low Impedance Electric Fence Charger | 110 VAC Input | 5 Year Warranty | For Serious Cattleman | Made in the USA | Waterproof for Outdoor Use

Features :

  • 5 Year Warranty when registered, (unregistered chargers get 2-year WARRANTY from Date of Mfg).
  • This is a Powerful 3 Mile Electric Fence Charger, Delivering Effective High Voltage Shocks | Output 13,000 Volts at Source, 6,000 Volts at 3 Miles
  • Weather Proof, Heavy Duty Plastic Enclosure | Over Sized Transformer for Higher Voltage and Lower Current Spikes
  • Low Impedance Design Resists Power Loss Due to Shorts and Heavy Vegetation

Additional Info :

Color Gray

Electric fence is a great way to keep your cows in and predators out. However, there are many, many options out there. One of the top rated electric fence chargers is the Standard by Fence Master. It comes highly recommended by many farmers and ranchers. This powerful electric fence charger is waterproof and very durable.

The fence energizer is made in America and has a 5-year factory warranty. The fence energizer is ready to use out of the box, and it has a low impedance circuit that is ideal for cattle. This electric fence energizer can be used for electric netting and for electric tape. It has a charge rate of 3 miles per hour and a voltage of 13,000.

9. Electric Fencing: How to Choose, Build, and Maintain the Best Fence for Your Plants and Animals. A Storey BASICS® Title

Features :

  • Storey publishing
  • Language: english
  • Book – electric fencing: how to choose, build, and maintain the best fence for your plants and animals. A storey basics title

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 7
Width 0.3125
Length 5
Weight 0.23
Release Date 2013-08-13T00:00:01Z

. As a homesteader, you’ve probably heard of electric fencing – but you may not know why it works or how to use it. Electric fencing can be a simple way to keep your livestock in and predators out. A good fence can also help you keep more of your animals and can even increase their weight gain.

The basic principle behind electric fencing is pretty simple: the fence’s charged wires either hold a strong enough charge to shock an animal that touches them or they are a strong enough deterrent to keep them away in the first place. When choosing an electric fence, the first thing to consider is what you plan to use it for.

10. The Electric Fencing Handbook: How to Choose and Install the Best Fence to Protect Your Crops and Livestock

Additional Info :

Release Date 2017-05-16T00:00:00.000Z

The Electric Fencing Handbook is a comprehensive guide on how to choose and install an electric fence. This guide is written by Paul T. O’Connor, an expert in fencing, with an extensive experience in installing electric fences. He teaches how to install electric fences in a way that they are effective and safe for the livestock and humans.

This manual will show you how to choose the right type of fence, how to install it, and how to maintain it to ensure it’s always efficient. You’ll learn how to build fences for different kinds of livestock and how to adapt them to your own needs.

Get the Best electric fence

for dogsDistance
Most underground systems work on a pulse, with the strength of the pulse, as well as its frequency, varying by brand and model. The distance of protection varies by the strength of the pulse. A system with a lower pulse output will offer protection at a shorter distance, and vice versa. Most systems offer protection in a circular shape, with the diameter determined by the system’s pulse output and frequency. For example, an underground system with a pulse strength of 90 joules and a pulse frequency of 50 hertz might offer protection within a circular shape of up to 90 feet in diameter.

Power Source
Most underground pet fences require a constant power source, meaning they must be hardwired into the home’s electrical system. There is an exception to this rule, however, as some models are battery-powered, often requiring a recharge every few months. If a home has a concern about hardwiring an underground pet fence, a battery-powered model might be a better fit.

A traditional wired pet fence can be a fairly simple installation, with the hardest part being drilling into the vinyl siding of the home. Underground systems require drilling a few inches into the ground, often in rocky or sandy soil. The process can be much more involved, requiring help from a professional installer or a partner to hold the drill.

As previously mentioned, most underground pet fences offer protection within a circular shape, the diameter of which is determined by the system’s pulse output. For example, a system with a pulse strength of 90 joules and a pulse frequency of 50 hertz might offer protection within a circular shape of up to 90 feet in diameter. Some systems offer more than one range, with a smaller range for smaller dogs and a larger range for larger dogs.

Many pet fencing systems offer a few features for added convenience and comfort for both the pet and pet owner. For example, some systems offer adjustable collar sizes and static correction levels, as well as training tips and materials to help train the pet.

pet containment system
pet containment system
PetSafe Containment Pet Fence System
PetSafe Containment Pet Fence System
This outdoor pet fence system features a boundary wire that attaches to the pet’s collar and lays underground around the perimeter of the designated area. When the pet gets too close to the boundary, it feels a static pulse and is able to be guided back to the safe zone. This

Frequently Questions and Answers

  • chargerWhich electric fence charger is best?

  • Which fence charger is best for a 6 strand wire?

    The most popular electric fence charger is the Tenergy Waterproof 100-Amp AC Powered Fence Charger. What is the best fence charger for a 5 strand The most popular electric fence charger is the Tenergy Waterproof 100-Amp AC Powered Fence Charger.

    Do I need a 100 amp fence charger The most popular electric fence charger is the Tenergy Waterproof 100-Amp AC Powered Fence Charger.

  • What kind of charger do you need for electric fence?

    While there are many options available, the most popular type of charger is the T-post charger. These chargers are inserted into a T-post and are then connected to an energizer. The T-post charger delivers a low-voltage current to the fence wire.

    This current causes a small amount of voltage in the fence wire, which in turn creates a strong electric field. Another option is an offset charger.

  • How do I pick an electric fence charger?

    There are a lot of electric fence chargers on the market these days. They range in price from around $40 to $300 and in quality from great to poop. So how do you pick the right one Let’s start with the basics.

    What is an electric fence charger An electric fence charger is a device that delivers a low-voltage electric current to the fence wire.

  • What is the best voltage for an electric fence charger?


ChargerThe best overall electric fence charger is the Zareba 10-Mile Ac Power Fence Charger. This simple and effective electric fence charger can be used for electric fences as large as 10 miles in diameter. It’s suitable for both animal and human-activated fences. Next up is the Farm & Field 12-volt Charger.

This electric fence charger is great for both permanent and temporary fences, and it’s suitable for both metal and wooden posts. It’s a cost-effective option that’s easy to set up and use. Rounding out the top three is the Zareba E-Fence Charger 4-Horsepower.

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