Most Powerful Best Monoatomic Gold Hoax For 2023

Most Powerful Best Monoatomic Gold Hoax For 2023

Monoatomic gold is an alternative medicine scam that is sold as a supplement to be taken orally in order to cure numerous diseases and ailments. The scam has been around for several decades, but it has recently gained more popularity thanks to the internet. The main goal of the scam is to get as many people as possible to buy the supplement, so the scammers behind the operation can make as much money as possible. In this Monoatomic Gold Review, I will explain what monoatomic gold is, why it is not a legitimate supplement, and why you should stay away from it.

Let’s get started. Monoatomic Gold Review

What is Monoatomic Gold?

Monoatomic Gold is a supplement made of “monoatomic” gold, which is supposed to have extraordinary healing powers. The supplement has been sold online for several decades, but it recently gained a lot of popularity online.

Best monoatomic gold hoax : Top 10 Picks For 2023

Monoatomic gold is a term used to describe any substance that has a single atom of gold. This can be sodium gold (NaAu), hydrogen gold (AuH), or any other variation of the element. The term monoatomic comes from the scientific classification of elements.

Gold is a transition metal and is assigned the symbol Au. Monoatomic gold is not a real element, and it is not a real substance.

1. Ormus Monoatomic Gold Concentrate (HIGH Potency x12) – 1.7 fl. oz. (50 ml) – Made by Real Alchemists Using 24k Food-Grade Gold, Dead Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, and Red Hawaiian Salt

Features :

  • X12 Ormus Gold is made by Real Alchemists in small batches using 24k Food-Grade Gold, Dead Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, and Red Hawaiian Salt, using filtered, opposing magnetic fields disruption, vortexed, harmonically revitalized water only.
  • Provides Energy and Vitality: Heals DNA, Activate & Decalcify Pineal Gland, Aids in Spiritual Awakening, Brain Elixir.
  • Meditation Booster: Easier Meditation, Lucid Dreaming, Increased Focus, and Memory Recall.
  • Aids Restorative Sleep: Yoga, Shamanic Dreaming Journeys, Enhances Intuition/Psychic Abilities.
  • Increase Alpha Brain Wave Function: Harmonize and Balance Brain Hemispheres. Boosts Immune System.

Additional Info :

Color Pink

This Ormus monoatomic gold concentrate is made by real alchemists using 24K food-grade gold, dead sea salt, pink himalayan salt, and red hawaiian salt. The process used to produce this product is called the ‘salt water wash’ method, which uses a water and salt process to wash the gold from its matrix. This process is performed by alchemists in a secret location in Asia.

This Ormus monoatomic gold concentrate is extremely potent. The concentration is x12 and will deliver the benefits of the benefits of monoatomic gold in a shorter period of time, since more active ingredients are delivered into the body more quickly.

2. Suspended Solutions – Atomic ORMUS – 4oz – Monoatomic Gold Ormus – Memory AID, ENERGETICALLY Enhanced, REJUVENATING, Increased Energy, Stamina, Vitality – Gold, Platinum, Iridium

Features :

  • ENERGETICALLY PROGRAMMED by our Certified Reiki Master / Alchemist to ACCELERATE HEALING
  • INCLUDES EMF free storage pouch for Protection and contains NO HEAVY METALS

Additional Info :

, osmium, rhodium, ruthenium, rubidium, rhodium, and palladium are very rare elements on earth but abundant in sea water. Monoatomic gold is one of the most powerful and expensive elements in the world. It is only found in its monoatomic form in sea water. Monoatomic gold has been used in the medical field for over 100 years, but the research has never been allowed to be published by the pharmaceutical companies.

Monoatomic gold is known as the anti-aging element because it can repair damaged DNA. It also has the ability to re-grow limbs and organs.

3. ORMUS – Monoatomic Gold – ormus Gold, Monoatomic Gold Manna, Monatomic Gold, ormus 1oz – White Powder Gold – Gold, Platinum

Features :

  • ⚛️Pure Monoatomic Mineral Monatomic gold

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 0.0625

, and iridiumThe most important product you can buy for your body, and the world is Ormus Minerals. Ormus minerals, aka monoatomic gold, white powder gold, ormus, are some of the most important products for your body and the planet. Ormus Minerals are created from a special type of water that has been exposed to high heat and pressure that causes a reaction in the water that turns it into a type of energy that is not from this world.

This energy causes the minerals to become what is known as monoatomic. This means that they are single atom elements.

4. I Am Joy: Ormus Gold Oil Monoatomic Helps to Decalcify Pineal Gland, Repair DNA, Increase Manifestation Speed – Rich with Minerals Platinum, Iridium Using Non Chemical Solvent Extraction 4oz

Features :

  • THE ONLY ORMUS made with BOTH colloidal 24k gold & salt
  • SUPERCONDUCTOR of electricity in the body and protector against radiation
  • NON CHEMICAL solvent extraction takes 1-3 months to complete
  • HIGHEST QUALITY ORMUS utilizing the purest, highest quality salt & gold possible
  • JOY GUARANTEED 100% or Your Money Back No Questions Asked

Additional Info :

This product is the best quality and the most effective. This company is the original manufacturer and the product is made in the USA. ORMUS GOLD OIL MONATOMIC

This product is made from the metal platinum, which is mined in the Kola Peninsula of Russia, one of the most mineral-rich areas in the world. The platinum is separated from the rock, then dissolved in a non-toxic organic solvent.

The platinum is precipitated out of the solution, leaving the solvent behind. The precipitated platinum is then heated to over 2500 degrees F, causing it to become monoatomic.

5. Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy Vitamins – 60 Count – Vitamins B9 & B12, Gelatin-Free, Gluten-Free, Vegan & Non-GMO

Features :

  • Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten-free & Gelatin-free: Each bottle of Goli contains 60 delicious, vegan, non-gmo, gluten-free & gelatin-free Apple Cider Vinegar gummies, which makes them suitable for almost any lifestyle.
  • Made in the USA with locally and globally sourced ingredients. Goli Gummies are made in allergen-free, cGMP certified facilities in the United States with local and globally sourced ingredients to ensure that our products are reputable and of the highest quality standards.
  • Patented Formula, Essential Vitamins, Great Taste: Our patented formula contains essential Vitamins B9 and B12 to help support cellular energy production, immune function, heart health, healthy nutrient metabolism, a healthy nervous system and overall health and wellbeing. Apple Cider Vinegar has traditionally been used for digestion, gut health and appetite. Our unique flavor profile combined with essential vitamins makes Goli ACV Gummies a delicious addition to your daily health routine.
  • Vitamin Angels: Goli is a proud supporter of Vitamin Angels

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 4.8
Width 2.6
Length 2.6
Weight 0.661386786
Release Date 2019-10-07T00:00:01Z

These gummy vitamins are made with organic and natural ingredients. They are completely vegan and gluten-free, and they do not contain artificial colors and flavors. This product is suitable for adults, children and even infants. For adults, there is a vitamin B12 boost included, which can help support energy levels, brain function, and metabolism.

These vitamins are made with non-GMO ingredients and are suitable for vegans. They are also gelatin-free, and suitable for those who can’t consume animal products. It is important to keep in mind that these gummy vitamins are relatively small and may not be suitable for children who need a significant dose of vitamins.

6. EnerGold® World’s ONLY Pure-Gold-Based M-State Monoatomic Gold/ORMUS! No Salt, Dyes, or Fillers!

Features :

  • The WORLD’S ONLY ORMUS CONTAINING PURE GOLD! Proven By University Physicists Through Scientific Tests And High-Power Microscopy To Be Superconcentrated Gold-Enriched PURE-M-State ORMUS Unsurpassed In Superconductivity And Magnetic Flux Of Monoatomic Elements: Ultraconcentrated With Pure-Gold Particles. BEWARE: OTHERS’ MYSTERY-MATERIALS DO NOT CONTAIN GOLD, Which Is Why They Cannot List “Gold” As An Ingredient In Supplement Facts Labels.
  • Earning Supreme Acclaim By Healthcare Practitioners Worldwide, Including Plastic And Cosmetic Surgeons, Holistic Physicians, Homeopaths, Neurosurgeons, Wound Specialists, Dermatologists, Osteopaths, Veterinarians, And Chiropractors. See Our Many Paragraphs-long 5-Star Testimonials Describing Issues Addressed And Effects Experienced, Including The Central Nervous System, Brain, Pineal Gland; The Immune System; Cell Activity; And Many More Metabolic Functions.
  • Gold Is A Superconductor Of Electrical Impulses: Our Ultraconcentrated Formulations Comprise The Maximum Amount Of 99.99%-Pure Gold, That Can Be Neither Imitated Nor Reverse-Engineered. Not Like Others’ Non-Scientifically-Proven, No-Energy, Dead, Matte-White, Sandy, Gritty MYSTERY-MATERIALS With Lye, Dyes, Fillers, And Polluted Salts And Sea-Water. And They Hide Their Mystery-Materials In Colored Bottles.
  • With The Maximum Amount Of 99..99%-Pure Gold, Our Marvelous Creation Is Denser With Small-Particle Gold, Mystically Displaying The Sparkling, Radiant Qualities Of Metallic Gold While Being A Rosy-Golden, Sparkling, Iridescent, Lightweight, Silky-Smooth Powder. Zoom In To The Close-up Photos Of Our Sparkling Pure-Gold-Infused Inimitable Otherworldly Marvel And Be Amazed!
  • Because Our Ultraconcentrated Formulations Comprise The Maximum Amount Of 99.99%-Pure Gold, That Can Be Neither Imitated Nor Reverse-Engineered, They Have No Expiration. The Date On The Label Is The COPYRIGHT Date NOT The Date Of Manufacture. Please Be Respectful Of The Great Expense Of The VAST Amounts Of Pure Gold, Passion, Energy, And Labor That Go Into Our Otherworldly Marvel.

Additional Info :

Color Gold
Item Dimensions
Height 1
Width 1
Length 2
Weight 0.00625

The energold® world’s only pure-gold-based m-state monoatomic gold/ormus is made from pure gold and distilled water. it contains no fillers, salts, dyes or other chemicals. this m-state monoatomic gold/ormus is the only one in the world that is made from 100% pure gold and distilled water.

it’s the real deal and is the highest quality m-state monoatomic gold/ormus available today!

you can easily use energold®’s world’s only pure-gold-based m-state monoatomic gold/ormus in any way you like.

7. ORMUS – White Liquid – Monatomic Gold – Monoatomic Gold – Manna – 4oz – AAA Ormus

Features :

  • Increase Mind & Body Connection
  • Stronger Immune System
  • Boost Energy Levels
  • Anti-Aging Properties
  • Healing & Repair of DNA
  • ORMUS WHITE Extracted from DEAD SEA SALT. The Traditional Ormus

Additional Info :

This Ormus Monatomic Gold product is produced in a lab, not in nature. It is a white liquid. It is the best product on the market. It is also the most expensive. The product is produced using a patented process, which dates back to the 1980’s.

It is organic, vegan, non-GMO, contains no fillers or excipients, and is produced in a certified lab. The company that produces this product has been in business for over 40 years and has a good reputation. This product is the highest quality on the market and the most expensive. It has more monatomic gold than any other product.

8. Elixir ORMUS – 4oz – Monoatomic Gold – Manna, Memory AID, Energetically, Monatomic White Powder Gold, Vitality – Gold, Platinum

Features :

  • ⚛️ Monatomically Enhanced, ELIXIR of LIFE
  • ⚛️ INCLUDES free EMF – Protek storage pouch for Complete EMF Protection- contains NO HEAVY METALS, EXCIPIENTS or FILLERS

Additional Info :

And iridium are referred to as monatomic because they are only stable in a single atom state. These precious metals are found in raw form in the earth and mined in the same manner as all other precious metals, however, they are separated from the other metals and minerals at a much deeper level and are not exposed to light, oxygen, heat or water as they are being transported to the surface. The separation process continues as the monatomic metals are separated from the other precious metals, making them purer and more energetically powerful than other metals.

Monatomic metals carry a high frequency and a high vibration, which is why they are so effective and beneficial for our bodies.

9. Suspended Solutions – Atomic ORMUS – Capsules – MONATOMIC Gold Capsules – 100% Pure ORMUS Powder – 100% Vegan – ormus Gold, monatomic Gold,(30 Capsules)

Additional Info :

This is the best Ormus product on the market, and it’s very reasonably priced, compared to most other Ormus products on the market. The founder of this company is a scientist who has spent over 20 years studying the benefits of Ormus. He has since dedicated himself to the production of pure, potent and affordable Ormus. This product is made in the USA, and you can rest assured that it’s of the highest quality.

You will receive 30 capsules of Ormus Gold, suspended in pure water. These capsules dissolve quickly and have no aftertaste. They are also vegan, so they are suitable for vegans.

10. Ormus Liquid Monoatomic Gold Manna (8 oz)

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Weight 0.5

Product ormus liquid monoatomic gold manna (8 oz) is ideal for those who want to take ormus in the form of a liquid. That is because the product is in the form of a liquid that is ready to consume. This product is made from the highest quality ingredients available. This is a product that is made from pure monoatomic gold dissolved in pure spring water. In fact, the product is so pure that there are no additives, preservatives, or even fillers in the product.

The product is also vegan and gluten-free. It is a product that is safe for vegetarians and vegans, as well as people with gluten intolerance. That is because it is completely organic and pure.

Things To Consider Before Buying A monoatomic gold hoax

You have researched the product and all you can find on the internet is positive feedback and satisfactory answers to your questions. You decide to invest in the product and you wish to know how to use the product. Here are some things you need to consider.

a. You need to be aware of the fact that different people have different results from the same products. This is mainly because of the lifestyle, genetics, and the diet of the person. You need to be aware of this fact.

b. You need to be aware that the results of the product vary from person to person. This is because of the following reasons:

Your body will be absorbing the product at a different rate. Some of the product gets absorbed in your blood, some gets absorbed in your deep tissues, and some gets passed out. This is why you need to be aware of the fact that some people will be getting the result quicker than you.
You need to be aware that the product can have a temporary result and a permanent result. The temporary result is provided by the product getting absorbed in the blood and then getting passed out in the urine. The permanent result is provided by the product getting absorbed in the tissues and then getting absorbed in the deep tissues.
The product can have a result that is both temporary and permanent.
The product can have a result that is temporary and has no permanent result.
c. You need to be aware that it is not recommended to have a dosage more than the recommended dosage.

d. You need to be aware that the product is not a miracle pill. The product cannot get you miracle results overnight.

e. You need to be aware of the fact that you cannot overdose the product.

f. You need to be aware that you need to take the product regularly. You need to take the product at the same time every day.

g. You need to be aware of the fact that the product cannot be used with other medications. You need to consult your doctor if you have any other medications.

h. You need to be aware of the fact that it is not necessary to take the product for the rest of your life. You can stop using the product after a few months.

i. You need to be aware of the fact that the product can have some side effects.

j. You need to be aware of the fact that the product can be used with other anti-aging

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is monoatomic gold?

  • Is monoatomic gold real?

    The short answer is yes. The long answer is, it depends. A monoatomic form of gold is real if it meets the following conditions: 1. It is at least 99. 99% pure. 2. It is not alloyed with other metals. 3.

    It does not contain any contaminants. 4. It is not a colloidal form of gold. 5. It is not a nanoparticle. 6.

  • Is monoatomic gold found naturally?

    No. Does monoatomic gold exist naturally No. Does monoatomic gold have a different atomic weight No.

    Is there a difference between monoatomic gold and gold nanoparticles No. Is monoatomic gold a colloidal suspension of gold nanoparticles No.

  • What is the history of monoatomic gold?

  • What is the difference between monoatomic gold and regular gold?

    The monoatomic gold powder is a very high frequency material, it is in a very small particle size, consists of single atoms of gold. It has a very high vibration because of which it is very powerful. The regular gold is in bigger particles and it is in a very low frequency, it is very heavy, it is very dense material.

    It is in a very low vibration because of which it is very powerful.


The gold mask is a powerful facial moisturizer and anti-aging cream that will give you smoother, more youthful looking skin. This product is suitable for all skin types and is safe for even the most sensitive of skin. It’s suitable for both women and men of any age and is suitable for daily use. The mask offers a natural, healthy glow to your skin and will leave you looking younger and more vibrant.

It will also help to hydrate dry skin and improve the skins elasticity, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The product is a 100 percent gold formula made from 23kt gold and is suitable for both men and women of any age.

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