10 Best Threadripper Cooler In 2023

10 Best Threadripper Cooler In 2023

AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper is an impressive feat of engineering. It’s the company’s first ever 32-core desktop CPU, and it’s also its fastest ever CPU for gaming. But with so many cores, it can generate a considerable amount of heat, which is why you’ll need a proper cooler to make sure it performs well. In this guide, we’ll explore the various options available on the market.

We’ll also take a closer look at the stock cooler that comes with the Threadripper, to see if it can be used as a stand-alone solution. Let’s get started!

The stock cooler that comes with the Threadripper is a decent standalone solution, albeit a bit noisy. A good alternative is the Noctua NH-U14S.

10 Best threadripper cooler Reviews & Buying Guide

The latest addition to the AMD Ryzen processor lineup is the Threadripper, a high-end desktop processor that is built for extreme productivity. The new processor offers an amazing 32-cores and 64-threads of computing power in the same package. However, the high core and thread count of the Threadripper processor makes it run hot by default.

To ensure that the processor delivers its high performance, you will need to equip it with a good aftermarket Threadripper cooler.

1. Cooler Master AMD Wraith Ripper ThreadRipper TR4 High Performance CPU Air Cooler, ARGB Threadripper logo’s display, 7 Heat Pipes, Dual Tower Heatsink, Wraith Armor Air-Guide

Features :

  • Designed & Optimized for Socket TR4Features a larger contact surface area that is specifically tailored for Ryzen Thread ripper
  • Dual tower heatsink a combination of 2 sets of heatsink covers more surface area and dissipates heat more efficiently; The Jet black paint enhances cooling performance
  • Build in Wraith ripper RGB software with our exclusive partnership Cooler Master and AMD designed a software that allows you to take full control of your rig’s lighting
  • Easy TR4 mounting system exclusive all in 1 TR4 mounting design for Easy installation
  • Cpu socket support TR4. Fan Dimensions (L x W x H)-4.7 x 4.7 x 1 inches

Additional Info :

Color ARGB
Item Dimensions
Height 6.3
Width 5.2
Length 5.9
Weight 3.5714886444
Release Date 2019-03-02T00:00:01Z

, quiet operation, fan with magnetic levitation, amd socket am4 ready, compatible with intel lga 2011-v3 and lga1150/1151/1155/1156, 3 years warrantyThe Cooler Master AMD Wraith Ripper is a nice large tower CPU cooler that uses a 140mm fan to provide effective cooling to the AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper’s. This cooler is compatible with AMD Ryzen ThreadRipper processors and AMD Ryzen 2nd Generation processors.

2. ARCTIC Freezer 50 TR – Dual Tower CPU Cooler for AMD Ryzen Threadripper SP3, sTR4, with A-RGB, Two Pressure-optimised Fans, 8 Heatpipes for Max. Performance

Features :

  • COLOUR CONTROL: The 13 A-RGB LEDs are autonomously controllable from each other, we are compatible with the common A-RGB standards of leading motherboard Manufactures; the controller is not included
  • FOR HIGH-END CPU: The contact surface of the heat pipes does not cover the full heat spreader, but it is right there where the processor die is and covers even the largest versions completely
  • DUAL TOWER DESIGN: The twin-tower CPU cooler offers more cooling surface and, together with its eight u-shaped direct-touch heat pipes, ensures better heat distribution and faster heat dissipation
  • IDEAL AIRFLOW: The Freezer 50 TR features two P-fans working in push-pull-configuration, combining a 120 mm fan and a 140 mm Leads to an increase in airflow for improved cooling
  • RAM CLEARANCE: The Freezer 50 TR, including a massive heatsink, does not have limitless RAM Clearance, recommended is a maximum memory module height of 37.5 mm, please note RAM clearance graphics

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 6.49605
Width 5.885815
Length 5.818886
Weight 3.747858454
Release Date 2020-07-03T00:00:01Z

And silent operation, with a simple installation and easy handling, stable and reliable, quiet and powerful and compatible with the majority of motherboards. Max. cooling performance and silent operation with two pressure-optimised silent fans and 8 heatpipes for an optimal heat transfer between processor and heatsink. Easy handling and installation due to the simple mounting system and a quick-release function for the brackets.

Compatible with the majority of motherboards thanks to the included mounting hardware. Stable and reliable due to the solid aluminum heatsink and the four rubberized feet for a safe stand on the desk.

3. Enermax Liqtech TR4 II 360 Addressable RGB AIO CPU Liquid Cooler – 360mm Radiator, Triple 120mm PWM Fan, Max 2300RPM – Support AMD Threadripper sTRX4/TR4/SP3-5 Year Warranty

Features :

  • 100% sTR4 IHS Coverage
  • Exclusive for AMD Thread ripper Platform
  • Support 500W+ TDP
  • Patented Shunt Channel Technology
  • Ultra-premium Water Block Featuring Addressable RGB Lighting

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 2.1
Width 4.7
Length 15.5
Weight 3
Release Date 2022-11-02T00:00:01Z

For those looking for an all-in-one, liquid-cooling solution that is not only powerful, but also has an eye-catching design, consider the Enermax Liqtech TR4 II. This liquid CPU cooler is compatible with AMD Threadripper CPUs, as well as the Intel 9th and 8th generation CPUs. It features a 360mm radiator that has a max thickness of 51mm and is made of nickel-plated copper.

Three 120mm fans are included, and the CPU block is made of aluminum. The Liqtech TR4 II comes with a digital RGB lighting system that supports ASUS Aura sync and other RGB-capable motherboards.

4. Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360 Mirror TR4 Edition Close-Loop AIO CPU Liquid Cooler, ARGB Mirror Pump, Dual Chamber Pump, SickleFlow 120 PWM Fans, AMD Threadripper TR4 (MLX-D36M-A18PK-T1)

Features :

  • New SickleFlow 120 Non-LED Fan: Triple SickleFlow 120 All-Black fans with a refreshed exterior design with 2-tier anti-dust prevention, quietness and airflow performance.
  • ARGB Lighting Solution: Signature cooling performance with a Vibrant Infinite Mirror ARGB pump design for all of the users wanting a fully customizable lighting effects.
  • 3rd Generation Dual Chamber Pump: New dual chamber pump for optimized to improved overall cooling efficiency and performance.
  • Larger Surface Area: Increased the surface area of the fins on the radiator for better heat dissipation
  • Industrial Grade Seal: High Industrial Grade EPDM material to strengthen the seal for improved longevity and Anti-Leaking
  • CPU Socket Support: AMD Threadripper TR4

Additional Info :

Color ML360 Mirror Threadripper
Item Dimensions
Height 1.070864
Width 4.708652
Length 15.51178
Weight 3.9462744898
Release Date 2021-02-23T00:00:01Z

The MasterLiquid ML360 is a hybrid liquid cooler that features a 360-degree horizontal heat dissipation chamber and RGB lighting. The heat sink is made of nickel-plated copper, and the heat pipes are painted black. The heat sink measures 36 x 121 x 121mm and is compatible with most modern sockets. The liquid cooling loop is filled with ethylene-glycol and is connected to a pump and radiator through a pair of braided cables.

The CPU block comes with a pre-applied thermal paste, and the cooler supports a maximum of four fans. Note that this liquid cooler is compatible with AMD Threadripper processors only, and it comes with a special bracket for AMD’s TR4 CPU socket.

5. Iceberg Thermal IceSLEET X9 Dual AMD Threadripper PRO & Ryzen Threadripper High Performance CPU Cooler 9 Heat Pipe Twin Tower Nickel Plating Addressable RGB ARGB 120mm 140mm PWM Fan Set Max TDP 280

Features :

  • The Iceberg’s shell is an attractively designed cooler with ARGB that covers your cooler while also adding a distinctive flair to your custom setup
  • Automatic Start/Stop creates a quiet environment and lowers power usage, reducing heat for a more pleasant work/play experience
  • Utilizing IceGALE 120mm ARGB Fan, 500-1850RPM/ 140mm ARGB Fan, 500-1600RPM, 0-36 dBA, Two Plane Balance and Fluid Dynamic Bearing with a Rigid Brass Housing to Extend the Life Cycle of the Fan
  • 9 tuned copper heat pipes Dual tower with complete bond soldering between fin sheets to ensures the cooler’s maximum efficiency
  • Most powerful state-of-the-art cooler built EXCLUSIVELY for AMD Threadripper 3rd Gen processors

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 6.53542
Width 5.9055
Length 5.31495

WThis is a high-end CPU cooler that offers the best performance currently available. It can run on most processors and is compatible with AMD and Intel systems. It is quiet and has 12 heatpipes and twin towers to provide efficient and quiet cooling. It comes with RGB lighting and addressable RGB lighting. Users can control the color of the lights using the included software.

It can handle TDPs of up to 280 watts for AMD CPUs and up to 140 watts for Intel CPUs. It is compatible with most cases and supports Intel sockets from LGA 1151 to LGA 2066 and AMD sockets from AM4 to TR4. It comes with a 3-year warranty and is easy to install.

6. Thermaltake Floe 360mm, TR4 Exclusive, 16.8 Million Color Software Enabled (TT RGB Plus/Alexa/Razer Chroma), AIO CPU Liquid Cooler CL-W235-PL12SW-A

Features :

  • Designed for AMD Ryzen Threadripper TR4 – high-performance water block with a large Copper base plate offer superior IHS coverage for Str4. The pump comes installed with the AMD Str4 bracket and thermal paste for easy installation.
  • Set lights effortlessly – utilize 20+ lighting schemes with the patented TT RGB Plus software and an exclusively designed TT RGB Plus app.
  • Sync with Razer Chroma lighting – experience synchronized gaming and RGB lighting effects with Razer Synapse 3.
  • Fun with TT AI voice control – gives you full control over the lights, fan speeds with your voice.
  • Works with Alexa – allows you to control the lights, fan speeds, and even check the current weather condition in your location by giving verbal command to the Alexa-enabled device.
  • High efficiency radiator – 360mm large surface radiator supports up to 6x 120mm fans for additional heat dissipation.
  • Durable tubing – the high pump enables the maximum amount of water circulation. The low evaporation tube effectively decreases the loss of coolant.
  • 3 year

Additional Info :

Color Black
Release Date 2019-05-22T00:00:01Z

The Thermaltake Floe 360mm is a CPU cooler with a radiator and fan combo. With a 360mm radiator and 3D vapor chamber and triangular fan, the Floe 360mm is a powerful liquid CPU cooler that will keep your CPU temperature low. The Floe 360mm comes with pre-filled coolant that is safe for the environment. The pre-filled coolant is non-toxic, biodegradable and does not produce ozone.

The coolant also comes with a patented additive that protects the liquid cooling system from corrosion, rust, and leakage for a long lifespan. With a 16. 8M color software-enabled LED lighting system, you can choose between 16.

7. ARCTIC Freezer 50 TR (INCL. A-RGB Controller) – Dual Tower CPU Cooler for AMD Ryzen Threadripper with A-RGB, Two Pressure-Optimised Fans, with 8 Heatpipes for Maximum Performance

Features :

  • A-RGB FOR FULL COLOUR CONTROL: The 13 a-rgb LEDs installed in the freezer 50 TR are autonomously controllable from each other. We are compatible with the common A-RGB standards of leading motherboard manufacturers for the simplest possible use
  • DUAL TOWER DESIGN AND 8 HEATPIPES: The massive, asymmetrical twin-tower CPU cooler offers more cooling surface and, together With Its Eight U-shaped direct-touch heat pipes, ensures better heat distribution and Faster heat dissipation
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE FOR HIGH-END CPU: The contact surface of the freezer 50 TR heat pipes does not cover the full heat spreader, but and more importantly, it is right there where the processor die is and covers even the largest versions completely
  • IDEAL AIRFLOW: The Freezer 50 TR features two p-fans working in push-pull-configuration. Combining a 120 mm fan and a 140 mm Leads to an increase in airflow for improved cooling
  • BETTER COOLING: No thermal throttling on your CPU – even a AMD Ryzen thread ripper 2990WX with very high Clock speeds is cooled efficiently

Additional Info :

Color black
Item Dimensions
Height 6.49605
Width 5.885815
Length 5.818886
Weight 3.747858454
Release Date 2019-12-18T00:00:01Z

And minimum noise. The heatpipes are a direct touch heatpipe which allows for more efficient heat transfer. The cooler has a height of 75mm and a width of 165mm. The thermal compound included is artic fps-5. The cooler has a cpu socket compatibility with am4 and a max height of 165mm, a max width of 75mm and a max length of 155mm.

The arctic freezer 50 tr works with an a-rgb controller included in the package and has several lighting effects. The cooler has a noise level of 26. 3db(a) and is compatible with most cases on the market.

8. Silverstone IceGem 360, 360mm ARGB AIO Liquid Cooler with 3 x 120mm ARGB Fans, AM5 & Threadripper TR4, SST-IG360-ARGB

Features :

  • Full block coverage to entirely cover the IHS of Ryzen Threadripper processor
  • Pressure optimized fans with brighter ARGB effects can effectively dissipate heat from the radiator
  • Scintillating diamond-cut design with SilverStone logo plating
  • Integrated addressable RGB lighting for water block and fans
  • Includes addressable RGB controller with 10 lighting modes and ability to adjust brightness and color changing speeds
  • The pump motor utilizes three phase, six pole design for smoother, quieter operation compared to most single phase, four pole design. Energy efficiency also improves as well
  • Compatible with Intel LGA 115X/1366/1200/2011/2066 and AMD sTRX4/TR4/AM5/AM4/AM3/AM2/FM2/FM1 sockets

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 4.7244
Width 15.51178
Length 17.91335
Release Date 2020-10-03T00:00:01Z

The Silverstone IceGem is an all-in-one liquid CPU cooler with a 360mm radiator and 3 x 120mm fans. The fans are RGB-lit with a controller on the back of the radiator. The fans are rated at 2200 RPM with a max airflow of 59. 8 CFM, a max air pressure of 2. 1 mm-H2O, and a noise level of 21.

7 dB(A). The radiator is a dual-fan design and is rated to dissipate up to 200W of heat. The fans plug into a 4-pin PWM header on the motherboard, and the entire cooler is compatible with AM4 and TR4 sockets.

9. Cooler Master Wraith Ripper TR4 CPU Cooling System

Features :

  • Designed & Optimized for Socket TR4: Features a larger contact surface area that is specifically tailored for Ryzen Threadripper
  • Dual Tower Heatsink: A combination of 2 sets of heatsink allows bigger and more spread out surface area. The black paint enhances radiation cooling performance
  • 7 Heatpipe Array: Enhanced thermal conductivity and uniform layout distributes heat over more evenly across heatsinks
  • Wraith Armour: Specialized designed air-guide armour guides the flow of air for peak cooling performance and reduce dead heat spots, while Illuminated by Addressable RGB LED’s for full customization
  • AMD Lighting Badge: The AMD Ryzen Threadripper logo’s vivid display of Addressable RGB LEDs provides unique perspective light effect

Additional Info :

Color Noir
Item Dimensions
Height 6.31889763135
Width 5.20866141201
Length 5.905511805
Weight 3.5714886444
Release Date 2018-11-28T00:00:01Z

The Wraith Ripper Tr4 is Cooler Master’s flagship CPU Cooler. It is designed for high-end gaming PC’s. It has a dual tower design with four heat pipes. The heat pipes are connected to the base of the CPU Cooler through a heat sink. The heat sink is made of nickel-plated aluminum and has fin arrays to maximize heat transfer.

The heat pipes are connected to the base through a metal heat spreader. The heat spreader has a wave-shaped fin design resembling Cooler Master’s previous flagship CPU Coolers. The heat spreader is nickel-plated for improved heat transfer.

10. AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3960X 24-Core, 48-Thread Unlocked Desktop Processor

Features :

  • An Astonishing 24 Cores and 48 Processing Threads for Serious Designers and Artists
  • Incredible 4. 5 GHz Max Boost Frequency, with a huge 140MB Cache
  • Unlocked, with new automatic overclocking feature. Base Clock – 3.8GHz
  • Quad-Channel DDR4 and 88 total PCIe 4. 0 lanes
  • 280W TDP, Cooler Not Included

Additional Info :

Item Dimensions
Height 0.295275
Width 2.20472
Length 3.07086
Weight 1.9621141318
Release Date 2019-12-01T00:00:01Z

If you’re looking for an AMD Ryzen processor that offers exceptional value for money, the Ryzen Threadripper 3960X is your best bet. This CPU is based on AMD’s Zen microarchitecture and features support for 32 threads, a base speed of 3. 30GHz, and a maximum speed of 4. 30GHz.

The Ryzen Threadripper 3960X is compatible with motherboards based on the X399 chipset, and it comes with an unlocked multiplier for overclocking. It also features 32 PCIe lanes, support for quad-channel DDR4 memory, and 64 lanes of PCIe 3. 0.

Basic Information to Help You Figure out the Best threadripper cooler

What is a CPU cooler?
Its job is to transfer heat from the processor to the heat dissipation device, which then dissipates the heat into the air. Pretty straightforward, right?

There are basically three types of CPU coolers: air coolers, liquid coolers, and premium high-end air coolers. We’ll discuss each type in detail later in this guide.

Air Coolers
Air coolers are the most common type of CPU coolers. They are relatively cheap, and they don’t require any extra power or fan speed from the motherboard.

The air cooler has a heatsink that is attached to fans, which in turn draw in cool air into the heatsink and push the hot air out of your case.

Liquid Coolers
Liquid coolers use a coolant that flows through a water block to transfer heat away from the processor. The coolant then flows through a radiator, which dissipates the heat into the air via fans.

Liquid coolers have the advantage of using a more efficient heat transfer method than air coolers, and they don’t occupy your motherboard’s fan headers.

High-End Air Coolers
High-end air coolers use premium materials and designs to dissipate heat as efficiently as possible. They are more expensive than air coolers, but they are typically not as efficient as liquid coolers.

These types of CPU coolers typically don’t come with fans. Instead, you would have to buy a fan separately, and then install the cooler onto the motherboard. This type of CPU cooler is a lot more flexible than air coolers and liquid coolers, however, as it gives you much more control over the fan setup.

How to Choose the Right CPU Cooler
Buying a CPU cooler is a pretty straightforward process. The main thing to look at is the cooler’s compatibility with your motherboard and processor socket.

That being said, there are a few other things you may want to take into consideration, such as the cooler’s noise level, size, and cooling performance.

Let’s take a closer look at each one of those factors.

Size and Compatibility
The first thing to look at when choosing a CPU cooler is its compatibility with your processor’s socket and your motherboard’s CPU cooling fan headers.

Not all CPU coolers are compatible with all CPU sockets. The main thing to look at here

People Also Ask (FAQs)

  • Which cooler for Threadripper?

    So now that we have all the Threadripper details, here is a quick summary of the Cooler Master Masterliquid 240 which is targeted at the TR4 platform: Dimensions: 152 x 154 x 68 mm (W x H x D) Weight: 790 g Material: Copper TDP: 250W Fan: 2 x 120 mm RGB Compatibility: AMD TR4 socket MSRP: $129.

  • Is liquid cooling worth it?

    In the past, liquid cooling was reserved for the most powerful and highest-end systems, but it’s starting to trickle down to mainstream PCs. Liquid cooling is a great choice for anyone who wants to overclock their system, or anyone who wants to run their PC at full load for long periods of time.

    It’s also great for anyone who doesn’t want their PC to sound like a jet engine.

  • Which cooler is best for 8 core CPU?

  • Will a Corsair H100 fit TR4?

    Yes, it will fit. How is the TR4 mounting different from TR4 There is no difference in the mounting for the TR4 and TR4. What is the max TDP for a TR4 CPU There is no TDP limit for TR4.

    Why does my TR4 CPU not go above 2. 8GHz If your TR4 CPU is not going above 2.

  • What is the best air cooler for 8 core CPU?


If you are looking for a cooler that can handle the heat generated by your processor, then the be quiet! DARK ROCK PRO 4 is a great option. It provides a top-notch cooling performance and is relatively quiet. However, if you are more interested in overclocking capabilities, the Cooler Master Seidon 240P is a great choice.

It is an affordable CPU cooler that provides a decent cooling performance and silent operation. If you have a large case and you are looking for a cooler that is not only capable of handling the heat of your processor, but also looks great in your case, then the Noctua NH-U14S is a great choice.

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